By- Col. Karan Kharab

ajit dobhal

Just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumes office after a blitzkrieg electoral offensive that saw Congress and its allies vanquished as never before, the dishonest and inefficient bureaucrats in the South and North Blocks are scurrying for cover.

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By: Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd.)

Why UPA Government Ignored its Probe? 

Now that the crony-Islamic regime of UPA has been defeated electorally and booted out of power lock stock and barrel, time has come to decode certain murky political developments during last 10 years.


The first important task is to dig deep into the reasons for the studied silence of the UPA government in wantonly ignoring the enormous evidence of linkages between the Maoist-Naxal insurgents and the Inter-Service Intelligence of Pakistan.

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Nitish down

Pride it is said, goes before the fall. Nowhere perhaps does this seem more evident than in the case of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar.

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By Deepak Kumar Nayak


The links between India’s Naxal movement and other like-minded groups are well-established. What’s more worrying, writes Deepak Kumar Nayak, is just how little attention has been paid to the movement’s connections with militants supported by Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence.

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