Pakistan First Law & Labour Minister, J.N. Mandal's Resignation Letter

Protesting Dalit Hindu Persecution:

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By Anirban R. Banerjee

1-MODIOn April 9 2013, close to a thousand entrepreneurs were on feet to applaud Narendra Modi at Kolkata. Modi has created a brand for himself by working unrelentingly for the betterment of Gujarat. He has created an example of sustainable development that India can emulate. The resonating applause of Bengal Inc was a message that they do not crave for dole but an enabling environment to perform. They look upon Modi as someone who can lead the nation out of political chaos, vulnerable internal & external security and economic decline.

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Jaganniwas Iyer

Digvijay-amrita-picBold. Forthright. And of course, Liberal. Not the latest buzzwords, but these are being quite liberally used to describe — or rather justify — Congressman Digvijay Singh’s amorous relationship with a Rajya Sabha TV newsreader.

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By Kshitij Sharma

kejriwal-ganga-dipWhat achievements Arvind Kejriwal has now to show to Varanasi people? Especially when compared to stalwart statesman & successful CM of Gujarat from 13 years Narendra Modi. He has almost lost everything which used to be his biggest power to attract voters after 28th December, the day he became CM with support from Congress. Since then his credibility and popularity started growing in negative sense. So, the only weapon left with him to fight in Varanasi is leftover active AAP volunteers who were too blind & passionate to see the changes & recognize the real agenda of Arvind & Yogendra Yadav. These volunteers have come from across India to campaign for AAP like they did in Delhi for 20-30 days before polling day.

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