By- Jaganniwas Iyer

derek-mamataYet another self-appointed ‘secular’ has chosen to spew his vitriol on Narendra Modi, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate. And this time it is Derek O’Brien, once a popular quizmaster on the popular Bournvita Quiz Contest, and now one of the more known faces of West Bengal’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) as its Member of Parliament.

In a tweet laced with unconcealed venom for India’s most popular leader, one who is slated to be the country’s next prime minister after the new government is in place, O’Brien tweeted, “The Butcher of Gujarat air-dropped into Bengal. He has no answers to Bengal's development model. So, he is making personal attacks.”

"The Butcher of Gujarat could not take care of his own wife. How will he take care of this great nation?” O’Brien went on. Predictably, the TMC figurehead’s barb had drawn ire throughout the country, with social media only reflective of the disgust at the outpouring of crass contumely on the part of this political lightweight, supposedly among the more sober of the elements one gets to see among the country’s political crowd.

That Derek O’Brien should chose to read out secular sermons to Narendra Modi must rank as a travesty of grotesque proportions. His jibe at NaMo as a ‘butcher’ is ostensibly based on the tragic events in Gujarat in 2002, which were provoked by the ghastly torching of Hindu karsewaks at Godhra, a fact that is conveniently dispensed with when it comes to the ‘secular’ narrative of the Gujarat events of a decade back. The Goebbelsian repetition of Hindus alone as perpetrators, and Muslims as innocent victims has been played out endlessly — and failed.

The cold, hard fact that Narendra Modi has been subject to judicial scrutiny — and media inquisition — of the most withering kind, and has emerged unscathed matters little for the secular crowd, as their agenda has always been clear from the outset. Demonize, Delegitimize and Dispossess Hindus — especially one who has the makings of a no-nonsense, nationalist leader. That there has been a thorough Supreme Court-appointed investigation of Modi’s alleged involvement in the riots, and that he has come out clean in a judicial process is also of no consequence to witch-hunting seculars — O’Brien included. Other hard facts, particularly action taken by Gujarat’s police to quell the rioting and the trial and conviction of many for their role in the happenings of those sordid days also are meant to be glossed over, when it comes to the well-motivated and well-funded campaign of calumny against Narendra Modi.

Derek O’Brien’s jumping on to the secular bandwagon through the quickest route, i.e., demonizing Modi is truly galling to say the least. A refreshing of memory, as well as some perspective would be in order. O’Brien is an MP of a party that gyrates furiously to outdo even its unabashedly anti-Hindu and pro-jihadi predecessor the CPM, in its naked courting of the Islamic votebank. Bangladeshis and fanatic Islamic elements are being courted with open arms, to the extent of even displacing Hindus from their ancestral lands in many bordering villages with the sole purpose of swelling Trinamool voters’ ranks; imams of mosques are being paid salaries at the taxpayers’ (mostly Hindu) expense, while the very real danger to the life and property of Hindus grows with each passing day. In neighbouring Bangladesh, the butchery of Hindus continues unchecked — and has even spread to areas in West Bengal bordering its now Islamized eastern neighbour. Enough has been, and continues to be, written about the existential crisis Bangladesh’s Hindus today confront. For O’Brien and his Muslim votebank-loving Mamata di, none of this is of any consequence. The ascendancy of Narendra Modi, India’s only real leader of substance in present times, with impeccable record of incorruptibility, governance and commitment, to this cabal is a “threat” of unimaginable proportions.

There is a more sobering aspect to O’Brien’s diatribe. His family has been a victim of Partition, with his great-grandmother having yearned — in vain — to see the separated part of her more unfortunate relatives trapped in Pakistan after 1947 (O’Brien’s own poignant write-up “Two nations and a divided family”; Indian Express, 23/09/13, is a wrenching testimony of this). Derek O’Brien has been candid enough to admit in this particular column of India’s hospitality to his Anglo-Indian family enabling them to not only survive, but proudly participate in its societal life and political process as equal and accepted citizens. On the other hand, women members of his extended family that were ill-fated to be trapped in Pakistan were later found to have converted to Islam. Similar is the story in the other part of Bengal, now a veritable hell for the Hindus, the very community among whom the O’Briens found not only safety and solace, but also acceptability and respect. Acknowledging India’s Hindu ethos that made it possible remains politically ‘taboo’, though.

Today however, one of them, who could not have dreamed of becoming a political representative in the de-Hinduized portions of the subcontinent wilfully chooses to turn a blind eye to the very real butchery of Hindus in those regions which were once India, but prefers the politically expedient route of a ‘secularism’ born of and sustained on falsehood. Derek O’Brien’s ignoring the suffering of Bengali Hindus at the hands of real butchers, and choosing to join the Modi-bashing crowd must truly qualify as the real butchery of secularism.



The author is a writer and researcher, focusing on issues of strategic, geopolitical and national issues from a nationalist perspective.

Who is Priyanka Gandhi?

And just who is Priyanka Vadra anyway?
By Sunil Rajguru

Who is Priyanka Vadra? Is she a Cabinet Minister? Is she a Chief Minister? Is she a bureaucrat? Is she even an MP? Has she even contested a single election in her life? Is she an industrialist? Is she a top professional?

The answers to all of the above questions is “no”. Then why are all manner of journalists and media houses going into absolute raptures over her and why is she appearing in banner headlines and in the cover of news magazines as some great hope and saviour?

What are her achievements? None!

What is her claim to fame? She is part of the great Nehru-Gandhi dynasty!

Ah! Now you’re talking. So basically you are accepting that you support monarchy over democracy and birth over merit?

A Prime Minister’s daughter should be Prime Minister?

Ahem, if you believe that then don’t you in fact believe in the caste system? A chaiwallah may toil all his life and face all odds and overcome all hurdles, face attacks and still not have a right to be PM.

A 42-year-old woman on the other hand who has done absolutely nothing in her life, who has contributed to this great country in no manner and who lives in the lap of luxury surrounded high-profile guards deserves to be PM… because she is the daughter of a PM!

And you call yourself a liberal! A progressive! And probably a secular too!

So basically this woman sleeps for 5 years and visits the dynasty constituencies only during elections and has the media practically fawning over her and is asked no tough questions. All she has to do is give a lame speech which signifies nothing and some headline will grandly declare that she has launched a war on the Opposition!

What is her claim to fame apart from the dynasty? Why has she been in the news all these years?

Does Robert Vadra ring a bell?

At the end of the day, she is just an ordinary Indian woman whose husband is facing corruption charges. That’s the kind of person everyone is going gaga over.

If an Army officer’s son wants to become an Army officer, he still will have to clear the competitive exam and military training. If a Bollywood hero’s son wants to be a hero, he still will have to work out, work hard and face the scrutiny of the masses.

While some go a long way, some perish after a few films. If a businessman wants to hand over the business to his daughter… well he can can’t he? It’s his business after all! So does the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty own the Congress party? Does the Congress party own India? Can’t our media at least call their bluff?

Indira Gandhi made PM without any worthwhile experience. So when she took charge an all-out inter-party war split the Congress and ultimately Emergency was imposed. For youngsters who are not familiar with that, India became a dictatorship and Indira was the dictator. Political opponents were rounded up and thrown into jail in large numbers.

The entire bureaucracy was petrified of her. That’s Fascism.

Another “zero experience” dynast in the form of Rajiv Gandhi squandered Independent India’s greatest mandate.

What experience did Sonia Gandhi have when she became Congress President? Zero. Zero. Zero.

So are you really surprised that the nation is in such a mess in 2014?

Will you hire someone with zero experience as a peon? An executive? A manager? A VP? A CEO? The answer is a probably no.

But when it comes to the CEO of India: Zero experience desirable if you come from the right family.

Rahul Gandhi has been an MP for 10 years. He doesn’t attend Parliament or ask questions or head Parliamentary committees. He’s given umpteen speeches like he’s in a debating competition.

Looked at it from one angle, he has the same experience as he had in 2004. But it doesn’t matter. He’ll make PM in 2019. Or 2024. Or 2029… He’s a beautiful boy from a beautiful dynasty isn’t he?

The moral of the story is that if you want to hire a maid for Rs 1000 a month, then you’ll check her credentials, her work and sack her if she doesn’t satisfy you.

But when it comes to a nation of 120 crore people and an economy which trillion dollars plus (Note: 1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000), you will hand that responsibility to a novice on a platter!


By Virendra Kapoor

Neither Priyanka nor Rahul can save Congress: Maneka Gandhi

Congress desperate for survival under yet another Gandhi 

A growing number of Congress netas are now desperate for Priyanka Bitiya to rescue them from becoming irrelevant. The likes of Janardan Dwivedi, Makhan Lal Fotedar and the rest, whose only claim to fame is that they are front-row courtiers at 10 Janpath, want Priyanka Gandhi to play a more active role in politics. She is already by her Brother Rahul Gandhi’s side, helping him devise the election strategy. She is reported to have personally picked the Congress candidate to take on Modi in Varanasi, assuring him all financial help. But apparently, this is not enough for the khadi-clad parasites who have made a career for themselves as a yes man par excellence. In the multi-layered hierarchy of courtiers, they command extra weightage for being members of Dilli Durbar at 10 Janpath. Others not fortunate enough to get access to the Dilli Durbar must play second fiddle.

Dwivedi was first off the blocks, suggesting an active role for Priyanka Gandhi. He claimed that the late Rajiv Gandhi had confided in him that his daughter possessed a great political talent. It is not possible to test the veracity of that claim. In any case, it is irrelevant if a doting father, who himself was at lack of political acumen, credited Priyanka Gandhi with political know-how. Besides, why rake up that alleged private conversation at this point of time? We shall return to that presently. Let us now return to the averments of yet another Congressman M L Fotedar, an important cog in the Indira Gandhi durbar, who has plugged for Priyanka Gandhi as a politician. He says that Indira Gandhi saw in her granddaughter a future Indira Gandhi.

Well! Nobody comes back from the dead to tell the truth but the timing of Dwivedi and Fotedar’s public lobbying for Priyanka Gandhi is noteworthy. It confirms that the Congress fears its end after this Lok Sabha poll. A corollary of that is the two Congress worthies along with a large number of party members are frustrated with the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. They reckon that Priyanka Gandhi might rescue them from being made fully redundant.

Given that desperate situations call for desperate measures! But is it possible to avert the humiliation of a complete wipe-out when the elections are already on? Is it even wise to raise the leadership question mid-course? In any case, what is it that Priyanka Gandhi can do which her brother has failed to do to? In one word, the answer is nothing. Therefore, if the reason for Dwivedi’s and Fotedar’s doubts about Rahul Gandhi’s leadership abilities is them being side-lined by Rahul Gandhi’s lobby?

In Rahul Gandhi, Congress is marketing a failed product: Arun Jaitley
Even if their intentions are honourable, the question whether Priyanka Gandhi should play a more active role in the Congress affairs, or should she work along with her brother, or even replace him as the unquestioned party leader, ought to be left to those who in the final analysis own the party. Foot soldiers of a dynastic formation ought to have sense enough to leave the succession question to the dynasty itself. Now, it does not stand reason that Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi had told Dwivedi and Fotedar respectively about Priyanka Gandhi’s political acumen but not to her mother Sonia Gandhi.

Even if they didn’t, the decision whether to launch Priyanka Gandhi in the political orbit will ultimately rest with the current boss of the family firm! Since Sonia Gandhi has not spoken, the only chartable thing to assume is that Dwivedi and Fotedar are testing the political waters before Sonia Gandhi takes a call on her daughter’s political career. However, if that decision leads to Priyanka Gandhi formally taking charge of the party, whether or not it results in reviving its fortunes can be left to the people but it would be clear that the family has lost faith in the leadership of the son.

Priyanka will decide her role in the party: Congress

Without second-guessing, the eventual decision of the family, Priyanka Gandhi would also fail to revive the increasingly moribund organisation. It is futile to visualise the return of a second Indira Gandhi. Politics and the people have changed very much from the times when a Dev Kant Barooah would disgrace himself by chanting Indira is India and India is Indira. Priyanka Gandhi cannot change the DNA of the Congress. She might be photogenic, might have an easy smile, and might also have a better sense of how to not make a fool of herself whenever she speaks. But a badly fragmented polity with fiercely competing regional outfits which are replacing the Congress in several States as key players would require far more than a pretty face to revive the sinking Congress ship.

Priyanka Gandhi, wife of the get-rich-quick Robert Vadra, does not have in her any more than her brother has to stop Congress’s decline. Period! Since Robert Vadra has acquired the NRI status for the tax purposes – all those millions earned overnight from the fishy land deals have to be accounted for in the books – it is time he and his family lived in clover in some sunny island abroad. Politics as a profession has become so demanding of late that even a legendary surname no longer guarantees success. And one is truly grateful to the people for they have learned the right lessons from their experience over past sixty years.


An Open Letter to the Students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai



My Dear Esteemed Students and Friends,

I could have written this letter to you yesterday but I desisted from doing so for the simple reason that I did not wish to influence your voting decisions and patterns when you go to vote today all over Mumbai.

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