burdwan-blastBy Mayank Jain

The recent events relating to accidental explosions, jihadi
terror modules, bomb factories and a network of madrasas in
Pashchim Banga's various districts and Assam has left the
security establishment in "a state of shock and disbelief".
That's what the media says. This naivete is touching, to say the least, because the country's security establishment and the politicians had all along known about this!

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Home Ministry not unaware

Have we forgotten about the report of the Union Home Ministry's 'Task Force on Border Management' (TSFBM) in 2004, which said: "There has been mushrooming and visible growth of mosques and madrasas all along our international borders. The intriguing thing is that these have come up where there is very small or no population of the minority community and that madrasas and mosques have sprung up on both sides of the border, as if in unison. These institutions could be construed as Islamic infrastructure and have a potential for the intelligence encirclement of India. Concerted efforts are being made for the Arabisation of Indian Muslim tradition by promoting the Arabic or Salafi brand of Islam among Muslims living in border areas."

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The Task Force had recorded that "on the Indian side, in close proximity to the border, there are now 905 mosques and 439 madrasas. And that on the Bangladesh side, there are 960 mosques and 469 madrasas".

Why did the security establishment 'discover' the huge network of mushrooming Madrasas on the border just after the Burdwan blast? Did they not go through the TSFBM report in the year 2004? Or, were they stopped from taking action by traitor-politicians who have little concern for national interest, all for the sake of a nebulous 'secularism?'

A slow, creeping, Talibanization

The report had gone into great detail about the dangerous demographic changes and huge numbers of madrasas in these areas: "On the Indo-Bangladesh border, growth of madrasas and mosques is taking place along with a shift in demographic composition due to illegal immigration of large number of people from Bangladesh into the border districts in India. Increasing crowding out of economic opportunities for the local population and the shift towards Islamization create potential for future strife. This is likely to put pressure on the strategic Siliguri corridor...."

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On the Indo-Nepal border, the report pointed out at similarly dangerous trends: "On the Indo-Nepal border, madrasas and mosques have sprung up on both sides in the Terai region, accompanied by four-fold increase in the population of the minority community in the region. There are 343 mosques, 300 madrasas and 17 mosques-cum-madrasas within 10 kms of the border in the Indian side. On the Nepal side, there are 282 mosques, 181 madrasas and eight mosques -cum-madrasas. These mosques and madrasas receive huge funds from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan and Bangladesh."

The Task Force had warned: "The Talibanisation of madrasas is taking place due to spread of fundamentalist ideology in these institutions. In J&K, growth of madrasas, fundamentalist teaching and consequent Talibanisation preceded the growth of insurgency".

The TFBM report had concluded: 1. Madrasas in some places are reported to be sheltering ISI agents and subversive elements. 2. With the increasing enrollment of children in madrasas, maulvis are acquiring greater centrality in community life, increasing their vote-delivering capacity and political clout. 3. Indoctrination of young children and planting of fundamentalist strains in their minds in madrasas would pose serious problems to our polity in future. 4. Presence of madrasas and mosques along the borders on both sides could facilitate trans-border movement of arms and agent provocateurs aided and abetted by the ISI.

The truth, without sugar-coating or varnishing

"Why did you go to a Madrasa in West Bengal? What did you want to prove?”, a reporter had asked me after the screening of my film, “The Bangla Crescent: ISI, Madrasas & Infiltration’" in October 2005, at the Press Club of India, New Delhi. The tinge of suspicion in his voice was perhaps intended to make it seem as though I was conspiring against the ‘minorities’ and digging for conspiracy theories to discredit them. Well, to put the record straight, there was no conspiracy at all. No hidden camera was used — I never use one. I had interviewed on camera, young madrasa students and their teachers in various madrasas all over India — especially in West Bengal, because my film was about infiltration from Bangladesh.


“I had gone the Madrasas to verify what the report of the Task Force on Border Management said about Madrasas on the Indo-Bangla border. As a journalist I must verify the authenticity of government reports. Shouldn’t I?”, I clarified to this reporter who was rather concerned about the welfare of the 'minorities'.

It must be said to the credit of the Madrasa students and their teachers that they did not sugar-coat their talk and told me on camera even about their most potent beliefs with a straight face, without any hesitation whatsoever. As I stood on the Indian side of Jessore Road interviewing 6 to 8-year old boys at Madrasa Zulfikar Ali Siddiqiya, I asked one of the boys on camera to define a kafir. Young Mohammad Sheikh Shahin explained the meaning of ‘kafir’  without batting an eyelid: "Jo Allah ki baat nahin sunta, Nabi ke adesh ke mutabik nahin chalta, shaitan ki baat sunta hai" (One who does not listen to Allah, does not live according to the dictates of the Prophet, listens to Satan).

“What is Jihad?” I asked the young student. The student defined ‘jihad’ leaving no doubt about his clarity of thought and intent: "It means war"(yudh), it is "Kafir ke saath Nabi ji ke Musalmanon ki ladai." These ideas are dangerous, to say the least. Clearly, they are being indoctrinated to wage war against all those who are at variance with their system of religion and worship.

I have gone into many madrasas all over India and found that the teachings are the exactly the same as in the West Bengal Madrasas. My interviews in the Madrasa Faizul Ulum Hathishala in Laxmi Nagar, near Delhi Police headquarters, proves the point. Here the teacher Maulana Rehan Ahmad explains what ‘punishment’ a Kafir ‘deserves’: "Khuda himself has determined the punishment (sazaa) of the Kafir. A Kafir will have to reside forever in hell (jahannum). There the kafirs will burn in fire and face all kinds of horrors ..." When I asked him what Jihad was all about, he explained unhesitatingly in Urdu: “Jihad is waged on non-Muslims after he is invited to join the faith (din ki dawat), asked to place his faith on Allah, when he does not do so, then at that moment the 'Order' (hukm) for jihad is given".

The wages of 'secularism'

Whatever erupts in Bengal today is an outcome of preparations by jihadi groups nurtured by the Communists and other 'secularists' for the past many decades. The boys who were only 8-year olds in 2005 when I interviewed them, would be dangerously indoctrinated 17-year old young men by now. Much about today's events was foretold in my documentary by security experts and demographers. We went deep inside Bengal to talk to a wide cross-section of ordinary folk to report about the factual conditions on the ground. We had compiled data on infiltration and anti-national activities from various government reports like the Godbole Task Force on Border Management, General S.K. Sinha's report and former IB Chief TV Rajeshwar's report. These reports were detailed studies on the danger to national security due to infiltration from Bangladesh, influence of crores of infiltrators on the outcome of national and state elections through fake election ID cards which were made available to them by the 'secularist' establishment, the network of mushrooming madrasas on the border where minds of the young were being poisoned to wage a war against India, the presence of Bangladeshi-based terror groups in West Bengal and Assam and ISI's 'Operation Pin Code' to chop off India from the 'chicken's neck' Siliguri Corridor to form an 'Islamistan'. A scary scenario, indeed!

While the establishment sleeps...

This was about nine years back. I did not expect any solution to this crisis from the country's secularist establishment, for whom appeasement of minorities was a profitable pastime. The so-called nationalist movement too did almost nothing to rectify the situation. It remains a pathetic victim of helplessness, lacks basic sense of clarity and purpose, does not inform millions of youngsters about the impending threat on national security and engages itself in mindless activism. Consequently, it has been in no position to intervene and change the situation — intellectually, socially or politically.

The consequences of this inaction would now be dangerous for the existence of India itself if urgent steps are not taken immediately. The Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) network has spread its tentacles across the central and bordering districts of West Bengal.

All-out war needed, nothing less

It is important to understand the nature of this ferocious terrorist organisation — JMB. It is a Bangladeshi terrorist outfit, having more than one lakh members. It had detonated 500 bombs at 300 locations simultaneously throughout Bangladesh on August 17, 2005 . This exercise required huge logistic support and technical expertise in making explosives and planting them in such large numbers.

The JMB works on its area of twin expertise — explosives and indoctrination. Investigating the activities of JMB and its allied outfits in West Bengal, the NIA in its preliminary report submitted to the Central Government said "that there was a conspiracy by the Burdwan terror module to convert West Bengal into a major terror hub over the next few months to carry out subversive activities in different parts of the country".

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An all-out war must now be declared by the Government of India on these terrorist groups in West Bengal and Assam. The entire network of these outfits which covers many states of India including West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka must be busted and neutralized before it is too late. All institutions, whether religious or secular, that are found involved in anti-national activities must be closed down immediately with a ruthless hand. The Modi government in Gujarat has done it earlier (after the Ahmedabad blasts in 2008), when it split open the entire terrorist infrastructure of Indian Mujahideen all over India. Let them do it again for India once more!




Mayank Jain is a TV journalist and a documentary maker. He has produced, directed and scripted many famous films like "The Bangla Crecent — ISI, Madrasas and Infiltration', 'The Gujarat Miracle', 'Death Warrant', 'Chhattisgarh Now', 'Gujarat Fast-Track', 'Gujarat Tomorrow', 'No to Terror — Zero Tolerance' etc.




Mayank Jain is a renowned journalist and documentary maker. He has produced, directed and scripted many famous films like "The Bangla Crecent — ISI, Madrasas and Infiltration', 'The Gujarat Miracle', 'Death Warrant', 'Chhattisgarh Now', 'Gujarat Fast-Track', 'Gujarat Tomorrow', 'No to Terror — Zero Tolerance' etc.