Instagram y Messenger: ahora el cross-chat es concreto, WhatsApp aún tiene que esperar

1 & 1 All-Net-Flat with up to six months free

Instagram and Messenger: now cross-chat is concrete, WhatsApp still has to wait

On request, new customers can get several months free, mobile operator 1 & 1 currently offers up to six months free of charge for flat rates for smartphones.

Anyone who opts for a flat rate for the entire 1 & 1 network (Telefónica, LTE) can currently save a few euros. There’s up to six months free, the company announced shortly before Easter. Depending on the rate, the number of free months you can currently dust off as a new customer is different. Most of the free months are available with Allnet-Flat S, which offers 3GB of data per month and is available from € 9.99 per month. Below are more details on how the offer is staggered.

1 & 1 All-Net-Flat rates without a smartphone at a glance

  • The 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat LTE S costs 9.99 euros in the first 10 months, then 19.99 euros. There are many of them here six months off and a 3GB high-speed data volume for mobile browsing.
  • With the 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat LTE M there are five months off, then customers pay 9.99 euros and from the eleventh month 24.99 euros. This includes a 10GB high-speed data volume for browsing.
  • Along with the 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat LTE L, customers typically pay € 14.99 in the first 10 months, but currently receive it four months free. From the eleventh month the rate costs 29.99 euros per month. This currently includes a 20GB high-speed data volume.
  • With the 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat LTE XL, customers typically pay € 19.99 for the first 10 months, then € 34.99. Now customers pay first three months 0 euros monthly. Currently, the tariff also offers a high-speed data volume of 40 GB.

All 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat rates include a flat rate phone call and SMS to the German landline network as well as to all German mobile networks. The flat rate for telephony, the flat rate for SMS and the data volume included in the respective rate can also be used for free in other EU countries, as well as in Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. A contract period of at least 24 months applies.

It was not mentioned how long this promotion was valid.

What does Allnet’s flat rate mean?

If a tariff has a flat rate for the entire network, it allows free telephony to all German networks (except for special numbers). This flat rate for the entire network often applies to sending SMS as well.

What are the advantages of LTE (4G)?

The best and most up-to-date mobile communication standard across the board is LTE (4G). In addition to better network expansion and greater capacities for more simultaneous users, LTE often offers faster Internet as well. Even the telephony can be of higher quality (VoLTE). LTE should not be avoided today.

How fast should mobile Internet be?

Today data rates of up to 500 Mbit / s are possible with LTE, but even for Netflix streaming at the highest 4K quality, 15 Mbit / s may be sufficient. A tariff must offer at least 10 Mbit / s.

What does roaming mean in the EU (flat rate)?

Mobile phone users can also use their rate in other EU countries at no additional cost.

What is a hotspot flat rate?

Some mobile phone providers allow you to surf the internet for free on dedicated WiFi hotspots, which are usually located in city centers.

What does volume of data mean?

Smartphone rates almost always include a limited data volume, which applies to mobile internet. If the agreed limit is reached, the internet speed is reduced until the next billing.

What does monthly cancellable mean?

Smartphone rates typically have a minimum contract term, many providers also offer the flexible alternative with a 1 month term.

What cellular networks exist?

There are three cellular networks in Germany. Vodafone and Telekom, often referred to as D-Netz. In addition, Telefónica, also known as O2 or E-Netz.