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1 & 1 cancels the unlimited rate after only two months

Shortly after the introduction of the “Unlimited” rate, it disappeared again, the now larger 1 & 1 rate offers 60GB per month.

There is a little surprise at 1 & 1 after only two months, that is, the unlimited rate has already been discontinued there. That was very fast, because at the beginning of February the new tariff was only introduced for its own mobile phone portfolio, at the same time as access to the future frequencies of the 5G network. But now there is the reverse role, the unlimited rate is no longer available with 1 & 1. Only a new replacement can be reserved.

There is currently no justification for why the change of opinion occurred.

It has changed to a rate called “LTE XXL”, the data volume is 60 GB per month and therefore it is no longer unlimited. This new rate is available from € 24.99. The rate is also implemented in the Telefónica network.

If you want an unlimited rate on this network, you must now sign directly with O2. There have been three “real” flat rates for two months, at least without limited data volume.


o2 now offers three flat rates for smartphones