Ein Mobilfunksender im ländlichen Raum

1 & 1 Drillisch messes with Telekom, that’s why

Ein Mobilfunksender im ländlichen Raum

The complaint was presented to the political advisory council of the Federal Network Agency. The background of the complaint is the frequencies for 5G auctioned by 1 & 1 Drillisch and the associated conditions and auction rules of the Federal Network Agency. 1 & 1 Drillisch has bought 5G frequencies for 1.1 billion euros.

However, according to Spiegel, CEO Ralph Dommermuth makes his network expansion dependent on his customers being served by one of the previous network operators via “national roaming.” The reason: until 1 & 1 Drillisch has expanded its mobile network nationwide, the provider needs a network partner among the previous network operators. This is the only way that customers can still make calls and surf the Internet outside of the 1 & 1 network.

Rules require negotiation between network operators

The auction rules established a bargaining requirement for this. But this is exactly where it is obviously stuck. Nine months later, the talks are unsatisfactory from Drillisch’s point of view. There they fear leaders like Telekom will delay discussions to expand their leadership, Spiegel reports. It’s also conceivable that the three established providers even bet that Drillisch could give up its own network plans out of frustration and resell its frequencies.

The head of Telekom in Germany, Dirk Wössner, wrote to the advisory board that national roaming “was not a standard product” and had to be “completely redesigned”. At the same time, until the end of January, 1 & 1 Drillisch gave “no sign” that time was pressing. As the magazine also reports, the desire to obtain the fastest possible offer therefore causes “astonishment” in him. However, Telekom has experience with such a national roaming offer. The company had provided this type of domestic roaming for O2 (formerly Viag Interkom) for years.

Drillisch wants the Federal Network Agency as arbitrator

Not surprisingly, Drillisch contradicts the representation. They “have always made it clear that they must strive for a quick conclusion of the contract,” it says there. “If a timely solution does not emerge, the Federal Network Agency will have to act as arbitrator.”

This week it was also announced that 1 & 1 had launched its first LTE and 5G transmitter of its own. Of course, this is still a test operation with a single transmission mast at Montabaur.