1 & 1 comienza con nuevas ofertas para comunicaciones móviles y DSL

1 & 1 HD TV now permanently free

Service provider 1 & 1 is now offering its even cheaper TV package for DSL contracts; more than 50 channels are available in HD quality at no additional charge.

1 & 1 has been offering an optional TV package in addition to its DSL rates for some time now, because TV streaming has slowly become a popular standard in Germany as well. Most of the time you have to go for better HD quality, but 1 & 1 starts off with interesting changes for new customers. As the service provider now offers, “all channels are in brilliant HD quality” without a monthly surcharge. New and improved HD offerings include popular private broadcasters RTL, Sat.1, ProSieben, Kabel Eins, Vox and Co.

1 & 1: HD digital TV now for free

1 & 1 HD TV is included permanently and free of charge, and 1 & 1 is the only provider that offers all included channels in HD quality! 52 channels are included (ARD, ZDF, Sat1, Pro7, RTL, RTL II, Sixx, Kabel 1, Vox, etc.). Additional SD channels can be reserved free of charge, additional HD channels for a fee.

For all 1 & 1 DSL rates with a term, the savings price period is reduced from 12 to 10 months, the 1 & 1 DSL 50 rate is also reduced to € 9.99 in the first 10 months, with a price advantage of € 250!