10 razones por las que las pelirrojas son las más geniales en este momento

10 reasons redheads are the coolest right now

10 reasons redheads are the coolest right now

Redheads have thick hair

the Hair thickness falls much more on redheads outside. Although they have less hair than others, the thicker diameter still makes the hair appear fuller. And let’s be honest: a mane so full that you can style your hair with a boy is something.

Do you have red hair yourself? So here we have tips for care.

They have their own special gene

the Gene MC1R ensures no eumelaninn pigments are formedthat’s why red hair comes out and that’s why most redheads also have fair skin. To be precise, the gene is really faulty, but that doesn’t matter at all to the owner.

There is a “Redhead Day”

Hello, have your own day! Will always be first September weekend in Holland celebrates and offers workshops and conferences for redheads. There is nothing for everyone else. So if that’s not right, we don’t know either.

There are also redhead emojis.

You seem youthful and masculine at the same time

Somehow, red-haired men always have something naughty and they look like the best. Horse friend Steal. But at the same time they have something elegantly masculine, perhaps also due to their fiery reputation.