10 cosas que todo niño del medio sabe

10 things every kid in the middle knows

Of course, these are all just examples and it doesn’t have to be the case for every child in the middle. But many on the Internet and in our environment know most of the situation. Let’s see what happens to you!

5 cool things every sandwich kid knows

1. Less rules

The firstborn can do more, but only because he is older. In truth, parents are much more cautious and sometimes more strict with the first child than with the following, because everything is new to them and one is more afraid at first. Luck.

2. Good at work

Because the middle child always has to prevail against their older AND younger siblings, they have a talent for negotiation and healthy self-confidence. Sandwich children are not as ambitious as the firstborn, nor are they as spoiled as the little ones. That is why they are good at engaging and dealing with people. This is a great advantage when choosing a job later.

3. You have to help less

Baby sister? Nothing! Most of the time, the older child has to look after the younger ones. So that you have peace and quiet and can do whatever you want.

4. No time for courses

With the first child, parents are often over-motivated, signing them up for swimming early, and also have to learn to play the violin at sports clubs. As soon as a family has two children, there is often no time to offer the same to the second child. So you can breathe deeply.

5. Bodygard and role model

Knaller: If someone turns you on, your older brother or sister will protect you. This way the children will respect you more. Your younger siblings’ friends, in turn, admire you and find you ultra cool.