10 consejos contra tu timidez: ¡cómo superarla!

10 tips against your shyness: how to overcome it!

4. Advice against shyness: use your potential

You are at a party and next to all the girls you feel almost invisible. The boy of your dreams is right in the middle and surrounded by others. How do you get to it? Don’t panic – wait and let the girls, who should always be the center of attention, put on their show first. In the meantime, you can calmly observe how it behaves. Do you enjoy it or are you looking for an “escape route”? Because being around a bunch of chickens is no longer fun for most kids after a while, and this is your chance to show them that you are different and that you have more to offer, and that it suits them much better, because most of children find something. noisy girls get annoying at some point. You stay mysterious longer because you don’t reveal everything right away.

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5th tip to overcome shyness: practice makes perfect

A situation that probably everyone knows about: you are standing in front of the class, you are supposed to give a presentation, and you are extremely excited – a fat lump sits in your throat, you have a bright red head, you are afraid of being laughed at. you and not being able to say a word. Now what? Imagining others naked doesn’t help at all and to be honest only one thing helps in such situations: practice, practice, practice. The more often you face challenges, the more confident you will be and the more confident you will be in yourself and your performance. The worst thing you can do is dodge whenever you have a task that scares you. Just practice your next presentation in front of the mirror and try looking into your eyes. Or it’s better to practice your presentation topics in front of someone who likes to listen to you, your ABF, or your pet. You can also say something on your cell phone and listen to it later. This not only helps against shyness, but it also makes it easier to memorize something.

6. Tip to overcome shyness: have something prepared for emergency situations

Blackout in front of the class, totally embarrassing, right? Smile first and take a deep breath. That will save you time. Or have some phrases ready, such as: “Does anyone have a question so far?“OR”Wait, I’ll have it in a moment.“As already mentioned, others feel the same and you don’t feel so bad.

7. Advice against shyness: try something new more often

Being shy is fine, but you shouldn’t let the opportunity for challenges, new friends, and great experiences be taken away from you. What can you do specifically? Reach out to other people even if you have to push yourself at first. For example, ask a complete stranger for directions, call an information hotline, or exchange a purchase error. Or approach new people in sports or even in a theater group – this will definitely help you progress and you will automatically practice how to deal with shyness because you are always facing new situations. The more often you jump into cold water, the safer you will be!

8. Tip to overcome shyness: pay attention to your body language

Your body language is very important in how you see yourself to others. Always stand up straight and try not to cross your arms. With this you awaken the feeling of having a lot of confidence in yourself and being open and that also erases your feelings. The more open and confident you are, the better and more confident you will normally feel. And even if it’s difficult, speak loud and clear, otherwise you may have to repeat it at the end.

9. Advice against shyness: laugh at it

The best advice against shyness is not only to relax, but also to laugh at it. Because shyness is not so bad. If you blush or get stuck, think that it has happened to completely different people and laugh! Just laugh at your shyness and don’t weigh every word, rash, or every situation on the gold scale. At the end of the day, you will have already forgotten about the situation.

10. Tip to overcome shyness: don’t think too much about your shyness

This is the most important advice against your shyness. Even if you are shy, constantly thinking about your shyness will get you nowhere. Plus, it’s just a waste of time – your friends like you for who you are anyway, so you can be really relaxed. And this is exactly how you can earn points with new friends. You’re only going completely insane if you think about your shyness all the time. The less you think about it, the less it will affect you. And stop comparing yourself to others! The more you compare yourself to others, the worse you’ll find yourself, so try to focus on yourself rather than refer to others and let things get to you.