Carga rápida de 100 vatios: Qualcomm lleva Quick Charge 5 a los teléfonos inteligentes

100-watt fast charge: Qualcomm brings Quick Charge 5 to smartphones

100-watt fast charge: Qualcomm brings Quick Charge 5 to smartphones

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 5, taking a huge leap compared to Quick Charge 4, the new standard provides 100 watts!

First, Chinese manufacturers introduced and presented a fast charge of more than 100 watts for smartphones with their own solutions. Qualcomm, which supplies Xiaomi, Oppo and company with their Snapdragon processors in all price ranges, has now introduced a new Quick Charge 5 and it can certainly keep up. Qaulcomm calls it “the world’s fastest 100+ W commercial charging solution for Android devices.”

Qualcomm with a new standard for everyone

The feeling is of course charging the first part of the battery, as you can charge it up to 50 percent in no time. 5 minutes should be sufficient with a suitable power source, then the battery charges from 0 to 50 percent. The new technology is four times faster than Quick Charge 4, efficiency has been increased by 70 percent, and the resulting temperature has been reduced by 10 degrees.

Qualcomm has the advantage that its own processors are found in most smartphones and manufacturers can offer Quick Charge directly. Of course, that would be better for everyone as there are not countless different standards and the aftermarket can be more diverse. However, I hope that most manufacturers will continue to rely on their own ideas and block them.