Modelo con 14 años

14-year-old model

Sofia gets a two-year contract with Dior with a supposed salary of 240,000 euros. But isn’t there a minimum age for models? In the USA (18 years) and in Great Britain (16 years) yes, but not in France. Carolin Nokes, chair of a commission for the protection of minors in the British Parliament, is alarming by the development of such young models: “These young women are a disappointing step back for the industry.”

Because young models like Kaia Crawford, 13, and Lilly Rose Depp, 16, are also very popular. Sofia Mechetner, on the other hand, remains reasonable for the moment: She wants to finish school first before she really takes off as a model. We can only hope he doesn’t change his mind, the school should definitely finish it first.

What do you think of such a young model?