17th week of pregnancy – activity to train muscles

Your baby is furious through your uterus. Do you feel it already? He’s also busy laying out the first bacon pillows. A smart strategy against hunger for the first few days out of mom’s stomach. Soon you could see a dark line on it. Discoloration can also be seen in other areas of the skin.

Images of week 17 of pregnancy

Running is currently your baby’s favorite hobby. She moves through the uterus with great joy and begins to control her own movements more and more. If you have moved here or there by chance, your baby is now learning to move his arms or legs in a certain direction.

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So is the baby

Baby fat is not only sweet, but it also has an important function. It ensures the baby’s energy reserves for periods of starvation. Now your baby is laying the groundwork for these cute pods. That begins to accumulate a layer of fat. This process will take a few more weeks. Your baby will need this reserve for the first time after birth. Milk only shoots up to the breast after a few days of diligent sucking. Until then, you get the energy from your layer of fat.

Your baby needs to drink from it Suction and swallow reflex. This is also being trained and refined now. The grasp reflex ensures that you grasp the umbilical cord more and more frequently.

The baby gets longer and the Bone formation is of great importance. Until now, many parts of the skeleton have consisted of a cartilaginous substance. Gradually, these areas harden and the bones become stronger. The shoulders, spine, and chest are now connected by bone mass. However, the bones will still retain a high degree of elasticity. Because especially for birth and the first years of life they have to remain soft. In the case of kneecaps, for example, they don’t form until months after birth. At the moment, newborns have a mass of cartilage in the area that will heal over time. The fontanel, which are the bones of the baby’s skull, is also very flexible at birth. Unlike adults, the bones have not yet joined and can move around each other so the baby can pass through the birth canal. This is why many babies look a little wrinkled shortly after they are born.

In the 17th week of pregnancy, the development of a protective substance begins that surrounds the nerve cells and the spinal cord and ensures that it is no longer so vulnerable. Myelin is also used to drive stimuli. The formation of this substance is not completed during pregnancy, but extends beyond the first years of life.

It is particularly exciting for many parents that the Define facial contours more strongly. Meanwhile, the eyes are where they should stay and the ears have also moved more and almost reached their final position. Your baby’s hearing will sharpen. It may well be that it reacts to loud noises.

Your baby reacts to touch stimuli. When you caress your belly, lower the fetus, who really enjoys these caresses. The same goes for Mom’s movements. The baby gently rocks on the stomach and thus finds its way to sleep. As a result, many babies are primarily active at night when they are not moving.