Joven de 19 años deja embarazada a 4 niñas: "¡Los condones son demasiado pequeños para mí!"

19-year-old makes 4 girls pregnant: "Condoms are too small for me!"

19-year-old makes 4 girls pregnant: "Condoms are too small for me!"

Marcell: Condoms are too small

Only two of the four children are intended children. How could it come to this? How was that with contraception? The quadruple father in an interview with “I searched for condoms for a long time, but none worked. METER.At some point a mother let me know that there were sex shops. But he just wouldn’t have gotten in there.

Marcell has to persuade his girlfriend that the cameras will be there for the birth

Marcell is almost a star in Austria. Viewers meet the teen dad from the ATV show “Teenage girls become mothers“It’s kind of like ‘teen mothers’ on RTL2. Marcell’s love and baby stories have been followed on camera in recent years Birth of baby number 4 should be filmed. Fatal: Marcell’s current girlfriend Vanessa doesn’t even want the cameras in the delivery room: “I had to persuade her. “

Now Marcell has big plans. He wants to make a dent in the restaurant business and marry his girlfriend. She firmly resolves to have no more children and to somehow keep in touch with her children. Difficult, because two out of four children are now in foster families and contact with their ex-girlfriends is quite bad.

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