Las películas llegan más rápido a Internet, a través de los canales oficiales.

1Live Krone: Watch the awards show live today

Movies reach the Internet faster, through official channels.

The 1Live Krone will take place on December 5, 2019, probably the last really good awards show on German television.

There is one last entertaining and entertaining awards show in Germany. Today the 1Live Krone takes place, it is broadcast over the Internet and, of course, in the traditional way via the TV signal. The television broadcast will begin at 20:15. But it starts much earlier. 1Live Radio has been running from the event venue since 2 p.m. and the live broadcast from the red carpet begins at 5:30 p.m.

Who will win the crown is still open

Some winners have already been determined in advance, others will only be known on the night of the show against. You can find the broadcasts on, among other places, and the event is broadcast on television on the WDR at the specified time.