2008 - ¡Quiero corregir eso!

2008 – I want to correct that!

2008 - I want to correct that!

Also: 2008, fix it now!

The Creative Way of Looking Back at the Year: 2008 was an exciting year with lots of headlines. Unfortunately, they weren’t always good. Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to correct the year in hindsight. In the “Correct: Make Headlines!” At www.pritt-mystyle.de/korrekt there is now an exclusive collage with the headlines of the year. Just download it, print it out, and use a correction roller and pen to make 2008 the year it could or should have been. Then upload the correction and win: At the end of each month, users choose their favorite correction, which is rewarded with an iPod Classic. Additionally, the first 500 users to register on the site will receive a free Pritt MyStyle correction roller.

Mädchen.de wants to hear from you: What would you like to personally correct from 2008? Tell us in 2008 Campaign Blog – I want to correct that! The best answers win you new iPod nano with individual engraving. So: join us!