Hoja de calendario 2020: 1 de noviembre

2020 Calendar Sheet: November 1

2020 Calendar Sheet: November 1

44th calendar week, 306th day of the year

60 days until the end of the year

Star sign: Scorpio

Name Day: Arthur, Bertold


2019 – The French Christine Lagarde assumes the position of president of the European Central Bank. The former director of the International Monetary Fund is the first woman to hold this position. He replaces the Italian Mario Draghi.

2010 – In the middle of Schmalkalden in Thuringia, a crater 20 meters deep with a diameter of 35 meters opens. No one is injured, nine houses are evacuated. Research has shown that there is a natural cause. The hole in the ground is filled with 7000 tons of gravel.

2005: Germany is the first EU member state to introduce e-passports with biometric data. As of March 2007, the digital photo of the passport holder stored on a chip will be supplemented with two fingerprints.

2000 – Germany will also support United Nations peacekeeping missions with soldiers in the future. A corresponding agreement is signed in New York.

1995 – Peace talks on Bosnia begin in Dayton (USA).

1987 – Mikhail Gorbachev’s book “Perestroika” appears in Moscow.

1950 – Pope Pius XII. proclaims the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.

1755 – The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is hit by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The death toll is estimated between 20,000 and 60,000.

1570 – The levees from Holland to Jutland break during a hurricane. Thousands of coastal dwellers die from falling water bodies (“All Saints Flood”).


1960 – Tim Cook (60), American manager, Apple CEO since 2011


1940 – Bernd Wilms (80), German theater director, director of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin 2001-2008

1920 – Hansjörg Martin, German writer (“Dangerous curiosity”, “One is missing at the spa concert”, “The trembling of the tenors”), the main character in his crime novels is Inspector Klipp, killed in 1999

1880 – Alfred Wegener, German polar researcher and geophysicist, developed the theory of continental drift, died in November 1930


2010 – Sibylle Bergemann, German photographer, is considered the most internationally known representative of photography in the GDR, co-founder of the agency Ostkreuz, b. 1941

1970 – Hertha Feiler, Austrian-German actress, wife of Heinz Rühmanns (“Pünktchen und Anton”), b. 1916

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