2da temporada para "Las chicas muertas no mienten": El actor Ross Butler ya se une "Riverdale" afuera

2nd season for "Dead girls don’t lie": Actor Ross Butler already joins "Riverdale" outside

2nd season for "Dead girls don't lie": Actor Ross Butler already joins "Riverdale" outside

A casting announcement for one series fuels rumors about another series. Ross Butler no longer plays “Riverdale,” which should be an indication that “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” will actually continue.


The two most talked about teen series so far in 2017 are “Riverdale” and “Dead Girls Don’t Lie,” which both air on Netflix in Germany. Now there is a message in which both works appear. Because, like the creators of “Riverdale,” the colleagues of TVLine Confirmed, Ross Butler will no longer play Reggie, the sports buddy and rival of main character Archie (KJ Apa), in season two. The paper will be reoccupied.

Even in season one, you couldn’t use Butler as Reggie as often as you really planned, according to series creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. TVLine. Since you want to use the character more often, but the actor is not available, you must find a new actor.


Ross Butler in “Riverdale.”

But why is Butler not available? So far, no more projects are known for the young actor. Also, it would have to be a larger project that would prevent him from playing a major role in a very popular series. And that’s where an even more popular format comes into play. Because Butler is also part of the regular cast of the Netflix mega-hit “Dead Girls Don’t Lie,” aka “13 Reasons Why,” and there are growing signs that he will have a second season even though the first is already has been completed. Connoisseurs of TVLine to mention in his article even in a subordinate clause that it is already certain that there will be a second season. Actors and filmmakers have already publicly positioned themselves that this is conceivable. And Netflix should be interested in a continuation of what is probably their biggest hit to date. And that sequel would make it impossible for Butler to stay with Riverdale.

Beth Dubber / Netflix

Ross Butler with Katherine Langford in “Dead Girls Don’t Lie.”

The comic book adaptation “Riverdale” airing in the US on TheCW television station (which includes “Vampire Diaries”, “The Flash”) airs in Germany on Netflix, where “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” , an internal production of the streaming service, you can see. Both series provoke a lot of discussion on social media. There is even another parallel in terms of content. In each case, the death of a student is a mystery … What unfolds thematically from it differs very clearly and also in terms of staging, “Riverdale”, where the comic roots are not denied, and “The girls dead do not lie ”with their style of the 80 are very far away. .