3 bricolaje: updos fáciles y rápidos

3 DIY: quick and easy updos

3 DIY: quick and easy updos

In the hair

Anna Grossthe 11/01/2017 | 14:09

Would you like to wear your whale mane differently than just plain open or with a classic braid, but mostly you just don’t have time for elaborate hairstyles? It does not have to be this way! With our 3 DIYs, you can create updos in your hair easily and quickly. You can find all the steps for a fixed change in your head here!

In the morning, the hairstyle is usually left behind.

The makeup is right, the outfit is right, now all you have to do is tame your hair. The hairstyle is usually the last thing to pay attention to in the morning. Who wants all the hairstyle to go to waste just because you have to do your hair and makeup first and then ruin everything when you put on your blouse or sweater? So it makes sense to make styling the final discipline of your morning styling routine.

The fact that there is only a fraction of the time left for the hair is something some may say. There’s a frenzy of brushing and blow drying, quickly smoothed and taunted in no time so as not to leave home like Struwwelpeter. If we do not even have time for it some days, a simple ponytail has to do or, even safer: a 15/08.Bun that hides our disheveled hair.

Would you like to save yourself and those around you these bird nests in your head in the future? We have 3 DIYs for you with which you can put on makeup easily and quickly. However, you should take three to five minutes per style with you; Come on, let our ideas inspire you!

Updo? There is usually no more time in the morning than for a strange knot.

Make updos yourself quickly and easily

Regardless of which of the three updos you choose: while your first attempt might take a few more minutes, next time it will work quickly and easily in no time! At the latest with the chaos of the first morning in the bathroom, you can put our promise to the test! Here are our quick and easy updos with instructions.

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# 1 The twisted braid (time required about 3 minutes)

A casual and loose version of updos for everyday life.


  1. Comb your hair properly.
  2. Move the bangs and the sides back.

  3. Tie a high ponytail.
  4. Comb the last bumps and bumps gently.
  5. Take your braid and twist or wrap one inside the other.
  6. Hold the hairstyle with bobby pins for a perfect hold.

You can also vary this hairstyle by dividing the braid in two and twisting them together. Then you take the braid and twist it again.

Here you can see how you can easily recreate the braid:

# 2 the playful bun (time required about 5 minutes)

Despite the built-in braiding elements, an updo that is quick and easy.


  1. Comb your hair properly.
  2. Move the bangs and the sides back.
  3. Tie a high ponytail.
  4. Put a bun over your braid and wrap it with your hair.
  5. If the bun is completely covered, attach it with a hair tie.
  6. Part the protruding hair in two and braid it into braids.
  7. Loosen the two braided braids by pulling gently for more volume.
  8. Wrap the braids around the pillow once at the top and once at the bottom and secure with bobby pins.

Quick and easy updo hairstyle – just follow our instructions!

# 3 The elegant variant (time required approximately 5 minutes)

The elegant variant.

A classic hairstyle, for example, for an important meeting or a romantic date.


  1. Let your parting fall naturally and tease the back of your hair.
  2. Rotate its sides as well, depending on how your bounce falls.
  3. Tie a lower ponytail.
  4. Twist the braid and tie a knot around the headband.
  5. Secure the knot with enough bobby pins and hide any protruding strands and areas of the hair tie that are still visible – voila!

You can go back over the 3 DIYs in this video:

My advice: It is best to hold hair with bobby pins when it is not freshly washed. So they don’t fly like that and are more flexible. So if you want to style your hair, it is best to wash it the day before at night.

Are you still looking for the right chic hairstyle for your long hair? In our image gallery you will find more than 20 bridal hairstyles that are suitable for any festive occasion.

We keep our fingers crossed that your morning procedure with our updos is quick and easy. We also have many other quick hairstyles for you for every day. By the way, we also know how you can get long hair quickly with a few haircuts!

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