¡3 peinados trenzados fáciles que son TAN hermosos!

3 easy braided hairstyles that are SO beautiful!


Braided hair is one of the classic hairstyles. Even away from Oktoberfest and the alpine meadows, they evoke a unique, beautiful and romantic look. Whether it’s for the office, for a date with your loved one, or for an evening party – we’ll show you some simple braided hairstyles that you can try right away.

Braided hairstyles always have something girlish and playful. They easily loosen a strict outfit and underline a romantic look. Either way, the hairstyles are versatile. And the hairstyle is not that difficult if you do not choose the most complicated braid. You can conjure up quick and simple braided hairstyles in a few minutes. For this, your hair should only be at least chin-length. Pack a hairbrush, some hair ties and bobby pins and voila!

Braided hairstyles don’t have to be elaborate to look gorgeous.

Simple braided hairstyles you have to try

# 1 A French braid

A classic that is simply pretty! The French braid, also known as a peasant braid, is a simple braided braid at the back of the head that is attached high up on the head. To do this, you need to forcefully comb your hair back. Then you take the top hair and divide it into three strands of hair of the same size. Then braid them once and for additional braiding always take a strand of hair from the outside to the right or left strand of hair.

Here you can see again how you can braid a French braid:

# 2 An updo with a herringbone braid

The herringbone braid is a great alternative to classic braided braids. To braid it, you divide your hair into two sections, which you then divide again. Start with the first braid in such a way that you separate two thin strands from the two thick strands at the edge. Then bring these thin strands crosswise into the other thick strand. Combine the two strands with the thin strand on the other side again in two parts. Now repeat this process until you have braided all the way to the ends of your hair. Then go the same way to the other herringbone braid.

Now you can conjure up a beautiful braided crown from the two herringbone braids simply by folding them up and placing them around your head. You can fix the simple braided hairstyle with bobby pins. tip: You can part the braids a bit to make them look more voluminous.

You can see these and other quick braided hairstyles with herringbone braids here:

# 3 Simple braided hairstyle with infinite effect

There is practically no end in sight to this updo. To style them, make a deep side parting and braid the thick side from your front to back like a French braid. When you get to the back of your head, you no longer add a bit of hair from both sides, but only from the top. Then you braid yourself on the other side of your head. Once there, you need to make a swing so that the braid returns in the other direction. To do this, simply pull the braid in the correct direction while braiding. Now loosen the entire braid with two fingers to get the extra volume needed. For an endless effect, pin the bottom of the braid directly below the top. So you only see the braided part of the braid at the back of the head. Put your braid in a serpentine shape and pin it in place until there is nothing left. You can easily hide the ends of your hair under one of these layers.

Take another look at how you can achieve this simple braided hairstyle.:

Which hairstyle variant do you like the most? I am a huge fan of the herringbone braid. Just practice a little more and it will work quickly! Need even more style tips on simple everyday styles? Then you can discover some faster hairstyles with us.

Image Source: iStock / JohanJK

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