"3 del infierno": Inquietante primer tráiler de "Los rechazados del diablo"- Continuación de Rob Zombie

"3 from hell": Haunting first trailer for "The devil’s rejects"- Continuation of Rob Zombie

After Rob Zombie has been tensing his fans tremendously for the past few months, the first trailer for “3 From Hell,” the sequel to “House of 1000 Corpses,” and “The Devil’s Rejects” is finally out:

When rocker Rob Zombie made his brutal and disgusting directorial debut in 2003 with “Haus der 1000 Leichen”, it only took two years for the sequel “The Devil’s Rejects” to appear, and in genre circles the protagonists around Baby ( Sheri Moon Zombie), Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) and Otis Firefly (Bill Moseley) have been a sworn fanbase ever since, falling from the clouds with the announcement of a third film in the series. 14 years after “The Devil’s Rejects”, now there is the first trailer for part 3, “3 From Hell”.

This is what awaits you in “3 From Hell”

While the cloak of silence still wraps around the exact content of the film, diehard raw food fans can look forward to a classic Rob-Zombie movie. This not only promises the return of some actors from his films: in addition to Haig, Moseley and his wife Sheri Moon, there are also Jeff Daniel Phillips (“Lords Of Salem”), Danny Trejo (“Halloween”) and Richard Brake (“31 ”). included, but also the US age rating the film has already received from the MPAA:

In the United States, as expected, the film received an R rating (age rating of 17 years or older). The reasons for this are “Strong and sadistic violence, language, sexual content, nudity and drug use”. Yes, that sounds like a Rob Zombie movie, and this is exactly what the first little trailer for the film conveys in the few scenes it reveals to us.

Start date of the new Rob Zombie movie

It is not yet known exactly when “3 From Hell” will be released. However, at the first preview, the movie is still announced for 2019, which of course only refers to the North American release. And since the movie is obviously already finished (otherwise it couldn’t be verified yet), this looks realistic too. It remains to be seen when the film will finally be released in Germany.