Spotify: la música sin conexión pronto también estará disponible para usuarios gratuitos, pero con una restricción

3 months of Spotify free for Telekom customers

Spotify: offline music will soon be available to free users too, but with a restriction

Spotify is particularly cheap for Telekom customers. New customers now receive three months of Spotify Premium at no charge.

Telekom customers can now use Premium Spotify for three months at no charge. There is usually only 30 days as a free trial period, but 90 days from now. You have to be a new customer. This new offering is expected to only be available for a short period of time. In this case, Spotify is booked directly through Telekom; cancellation can be done at any time by SMS. You will find all the other important details listed below.

3 months of Spotify free

  • The Music Plus option powered by Spotify can be reserved for the first 3 months at no additional cost and can be canceled daily using the free speed dial 2202. After that, the option costs € 9.95 / month.
  • Only customers who have not yet used a free month on Telekom or Spotify are eligible for the free phase.
  • The prerequisite is the existence of a Telekom mobile phone contract (except for call rates, MagentaMobil Start and Family Card Start).
  • The option allows the use of Spotify Premium for a value of € 9.99 / month.
  • You need to register with Spotify through the Telekom customer service center.