3 hechos de época totalmente extraños que definitivamente no sabías

3 totally weird vintage facts you definitely didn’t know

3 totally weird vintage facts you definitely didn't know

2. You become a shopaholic right before your period

Have you ever noticed that during a certain time of the month you are special? happy to buy are? Your ovaries are to blame! Why 10 days One researcher found that she buys more before her menstrual period. Professor Pine of the University of Hertfordshire did a study on 500 women observed in your expenses related to your cycle. The result? Almost two thirds of the participants She admitted to making spontaneous purchases during the period just before her period. The teacher’s explanation: Frustration buying. Supposedly we buy in the bothersome premenstrual syndrome symptoms to make up for it. Well, we deserve it!

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3. Menstrual timing: best friends have their periods at the same time

Brides simply share everything: joy, suffering and… period? Yes, you read that right, for girls and women who feel particularly connected, the cycle gradually adjusts if you don’t take the pill. He discovered the phenomenon of menstrual timing Psychologist Martha McClintock. During her student days, she discovered that she and hers Dorm roommates she always had her period at the same time. But why is this so? Scientists do not entirely agree with this. Some researchers claim that the joint cycle is to blame Pheromones, attractants and special chemical messengers that can affect the cycle. You will be on the Armpit sweat scattered in the air and thus can change the cycle of women with whom we live or see frequently. The background is evolutionary: the dream of raising children at the same time and thus being able to help each other is guaranteed. Whether this makes that much sense is questionable, because it would have been difficult for our Stone Age male ancestors to have to satisfy the cravings of all the women who were pregnant at the same time;)

She had her period for five years

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