Ecografía 3D: costo y el momento adecuado

3D ultrasound: cost and timing

3D ultrasound: cost and timing

IGeL service: parents must pay the costs of 3D ultrasound themselves

Pregnant women have to pay for this so-called baby TV out of their own pocket. 3D ultrasound is one of the so-called individual healthcare services (IGel). Health insurance companies will not contribute costs. Exactly how expensive the baby session is depends on the doctor’s office. But you can wait up to 150 euros. It is best to inquire in advance about the costs of 3D ultrasound from your gynecologist.

3D ultrasound: banned from 2021

As of January 1, 2021, Baby TV will end. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has introduced a corresponding law that bans 3D ultrasound. The BMU stated in an official statement:

“After the modernization of the radiation protection law, which came into force on December 31, 2018, through the ‘Ordinance on protection against the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation when used on humans’, the tests that are used for diagnosis, that is, they are not made to answer medical questions, are in the future prohibited. “

As of 2012, this means that 3D ultrasound can only be performed if medically necessary, for example, if damage or malformation to the fetus is suspected. The BMU is ending commercial providers offering baby television to couples.