Android actual para todos: el siguiente paso está en camino

4 search engines for Android: Bing and Yahoo are losing

Google will soon offer Android users various search providers as alternatives, but the German search provider is causing some astonishment.

Google is rolling out new specifications for its own Android mobile operating system. New users have several different search engines to choose from. Google is and will remain the standard, but users must have other alternatives to choose from. Now Google announces what alternatives there are in different countries. Basically, it shows that there is a popular loser. Or rather two well-known names. Microsoft’s Bing Unintentionally Gives Way to Competition; instead, Google includes DuckDuckGo in its direct recommendations. Yahoo is also missing.

GMX as second Google search

While internationally available search engines are generally offered, there are also national offers depending on the country. In Germany, DuckDuckGo and are on the shortlist. Also, interestingly, Google suggests web search for But you probably already know that web search is based on Google search. I dare to doubt that the competition officials like it.

In the future, new Android users within the EU will receive a selection screen on their devices during initial setup. Google can promote itself as a search engine, but not exclusively and without an alternative “pre-installation”. The selection made by the user is the standard search on the home screen and in the Chrome browser. Subsequently, another search provider can be selected at any time, the selected settings are not set forever.

Google also uses an auction process. Therefore, other search providers can outperform the competition by offering more money. To do this, the dice are rolled new every few months. Ultimately, it is not necessarily the popularity of the provider that decides, but also the wallet. However, it can be assumed that most users will simply continue to choose Google as the default search for their devices.