4 elegantes paletas de sombras de ojos para probar

4 stylish eyeshadow palettes to try

4 stylish eyeshadow palettes to try

So beautiful!

Finding a good eyeshadow palette is not so easy with the abundance of offers. Sometimes not all eyeshadow colors match your own type, sometimes they have faded so much after a while that you can ditch the palette right away. I would like to present you 4 eyeshadow palettes that convinced me.

# 1 Naked Cherry by Urban Decay

Let’s start with the most expensive: Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette! Contains 12 shades, ranging from soft matte to strong metallic. Sparkling copper, deep cherry red and deep matte mauve await you. The colors are very intense and easy to apply. Since the colors are so strong, you don’t need a lot of eyeshadow to put on makeup. That is why the palette lasts a long time. You can expect that at a price of just under 54 euros. Eyeshadows blend well, although some colors lose their color intensity when applied with a brush.

A little hint: If you apply the colors with your finger, you will get a better result.

# 2 It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transformation

The following eyeshadow palette comes from It Cosmetics, a brand that especially the founder knew how to inspire me with her story in an interview. Numerous beauty bloggers have already tried the products and are particularly excited about the coverage. This also seems to apply to the Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming eyeshadow palette (approx. 45 euros). The 14 matte eyeshadows are especially suitable for natural looks thanks to their very light colors.

Like many of It Cosmetics’ products, the eyeshadows are enriched with collagen, silk and peptides for an anti-aging effect. Also, the eyeshadows are even suitable to use as an eyeliner. The best thing besides the pretty colors and good durability of the eyeshadow is actually the packaging. Even if I don’t really like pink, this palette has a nice soft cover that would probably be perfect for a relaxing ASMR video.

# 3 Neutrales Nouveau by Bh Cosmetics

The Bh Cosmetics Nouveau Neutrals palette (approx. 20 euros) includes not only 21 eyeshadows, but also 5 blushes. There are many trendy colors, such as champagne and coral, but also bright berry hues and warm, shimmering browns. The eyeshadows can blend very well and have really nice coverage. Blush is not my cup of tea because I think that unlike eyeshadow it is unfortunately not that easy to spread.

# 4 L’Oréal La Petite eyeshadow palette

L’Oréal La Petite Eyeshadow Palettes are available in 6 different designs. Unlike the other pallets, they are not only cheaper (about 8 euros), but they are also a little more manageable because they can be optimally stored in the handbag for an intermediate time. I always use the nude palette with shades of brown, purple, orange, and bright pastels. The eyeshadows cover up really well and there’s even a little makeup tutorial on the back for beautiful eye makeup, which I almost always stick with because it’s easy to put on.

Which of the 4 eyeshadow palettes do you like the most?

Did you also have one of your favorite eyeshadow palettes or was I able to convince you of a completely new palette that you should buy right away? Let me know in the comments! By the way, I also tried five masks and I will tell you which one I liked the most.

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