O2 News Update

499 out of 500 points: O2 wins the connection test with outstanding results

O2 News Update

The test focused on the mobile phone stores of the providers. In the overall evaluation, O2 was the only one of the four mobile phone providers evaluated to receive a “very good” rating. It was rated by connect among other things, the appearance of employees and advice on rates and services. In 2019, O2 emerged as the winner of the test, but with a significantly lower number of points.

These are the best stores

14 of the 25 O2 brand stores reviewed were rated “excellent” or “very good.” An O2 store even achieved 499 of the maximum possible 500 points for the first time. This is the O2 store at Ludgeristraße 5 in Münster. It also counts as the best store in a rural region. Why Münster, as a city of 310,000 inhabitants, ends up in this category, you probably only know connect. In the individual evaluation of “large cities”, the Spitaler Str. 6-8 store in Hamburg won the rating of “Excellent” with 479 points.

In the overall evaluation, O2 was rated ‘very good’ for the appearance of the employees and the advice on rates and services. Independent O2 testers gave the device a general “good” advice. Of the total of 500 points to be awarded to the 25 stores, O2 achieved 425 points. As the only test candidate, the Munich-based company achieved a result of more than 400 points.

Telekom second

Even if Telekom lagged behind O2 with 381 out of 500 points, testers said the work ethic of most store clerks was extremely high, even in the Corona crisis. The adjectives used are competent and friendly. At Vodafone, Connect employees apparently found only a few engaged employees. “A few consultants […] do not listen carefully to the customer, or ask about their usage behavior, “say the testers. An overwhelming verdict. In the end they are 359 out of 500 points.

The provider mobilcom-debitel also operates its own stores, which Connect took a closer look at. The quality of the advice is quite mediocre. Kind and courteous, but a very different level of knowledge is the conclusion of the test, ranging from “brilliant appearance” to “quickly overwhelmed.” In short, the provider is on par with Vodafone: 359 points.

This is how the connection is tested

Despite Corona, the editorial team has not changed the testing procedure. Nationwide, 128 independent testers visited a total of 200 stores from the four vendors in cities and rural regions as regular customers in recent weeks. The testers visited each of the 25 stores per vendor on different days of the week, once as regular users and once as infrequent users.