Piloto de accidentes 4U9525

4U9525 accident pilot

Accident pilot 4U9525

The Airbus A320 of Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings is one of the best-selling medium-haul aircraft. The accident machine was 24 years old. At the moment no one knows how the accident occurred; there is hardly any hope of survivors. On board were 144 passengers, two pilots and four flight attendants. The flight was on its way from Barcelona to Düsseldorf.

+ + 16 students and two teachers were on board + +

Among the dead: 16 students and two teachers from the Joseph-König-Gymnasium in Haltern am See. The tenth graders had participated in an exchange with the partner school near Barcelona and were now flying back home. But they should never get to Düsseldorf – the plane crashed into a rock in southern France.