5 aspectos destacados de OPPO A93 en comparación con competidores en el mismo segmento

5 highlights of OPPO A93 compared to competitors in the same segment

OPPO A93 made a strong impression immediately after its launch, the device has improved a lot compared to its predecessor, especially the appearance. However, the design is not the only highlight of the OPPO A93, the device also has many other advantages such as: multiple cameras, powerful configuration, …

Summary of the highlights of OPPO A93 compared to competitors in the same segment

Located in the mid-range segment but OPPO A93 Equipped with many outstanding features to compete with the competition. So what are the highlights? Let’s head over to Viettel Store to find out through the article below.

5 highlights of OPPO A93, after listening, want to buy right away

1. There are 6 cameras, AI compatible

Rear camera on OPPO A93Rear camera on OPPO A93

Photography is what many people are interested in when choosing to buy a phone. With OPPO A93, you will have up to 6 cameras, including 4 rear cameras and 2 front cameras. In addition to the main camera, the A93 is also equipped with an 8MP super wide angle camera that helps you capture more scenes and the images are not distorted much. Not to mention, the main camera for colors is quite real, detailed, and smudge-free. With OPPO A93, you can comfortably take pictures with many different modes.

Take a selfie with OPPO A93Take a selfie with OPPO A93

OPPO A93 Highlights Not only that, the device is also integrated with modes such as: remove AI sources for selfies, AI color portraits, night photography to remove AI sources,… The dual 16MP + 2MP front camera helps you get beautiful and detailed selfies. Well, especially for daytime shooting.

2. Nice design, thin and light

The phone is beautiful, light and thin, right? OPPO A93 will comply with this for users. When you hold it in your hand, you will definitely feel the thinness, the lightness of the machine and create a comfortable feeling during use.

The OPPO A93's design is young, dynamic and modern.The OPPO A93’s design is young, dynamic and modern.

The small details such as the volume up and down keys, the power button, .. on OPPO A93 have perfection to help users to manipulate easily and without difficulty during use.

3. Perforated screen faithful to current trends

The OPPO A93 is equipped with a tablet-shaped hole-punch screenThe OPPO A93 is equipped with a tablet-shaped hole-punch screen

OPPO A93 Highlights followed by the perforated screen. In the segment of more than VND 7 million, not many smartphones are equipped with this type of screen, so this is a big point in favor of the A93. It not only has a hole punch, OPPO A93 also has two holes for the selfie camera. This small hole prevents the machine from becoming obsolete for the next 2 to 3 years.

The OPPO A93 is perfect for entertainmentThe OPPO A93 is perfect for entertainment

And yet the device is also equipped with AMOLED panels for a very good display quality. The vibrant, eye-catching colors are suitable for entertainment needs, such as watching movies or browsing the web.

4. Good performance

Not only the design, camera and performance of OPPO A93 is also a standout point that helps the recorder to score with users. The device is equipped with the MediaTek Helio P95 chip, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM with support for external memory up to 256 GB. The device is also equipped with OPPO algorithms to help clean up memory-damaging data and avoid recognition delays to improve performance.

Configure OPPO A93Configure OPPO A93

OPPO A93 runs on Android 10 operating system, Color OS 7.2 interface can smoothly play games like: Asphalt 9, Odyssey, Boom Online …

5. 18W fast charging in-screen fingerprint sensor

OPPO A93 is equipped with a 4,000 mAh battery for users to use comfortably for 1 day. Also, the device is built in with 18W fast charging technology to help the device fully fill the battery faster.

The charger comes with the machine.The charger comes with the machine.
The OPPO A93 is equipped with an in-display 3.0 fingerprint sensor for fast recognition speed.The OPPO A93 is equipped with an in-display 3.0 fingerprint sensor for fast recognition speed.

Above there are 5 OPPO A93 highlights compared to competitors in the same price segment. Around here we think you have a clearer view of the phone that is storming the market today. So don’t hesitate to order OPPO A93 today at Viettel Store to receive attractive offers.