Ein Mann und eine Frau schauen einen Film

5 movie tips for Corona: these strips captivate you more than any quarantine

Ein Mann und eine Frau schauen einen Film

Our movie tips fit like a fist to the eye in the Corona crisis, are thematically appropriate, and are generally worth watching. So we present a list of five films, without pretending to be exhaustive. We welcome further suggestions in the comments below the article.

# 1 contagion

Really the movie crowns par excellence. “Contagion” is, as the name suggests, about contagion. In the 2011 film, Laurence Fishburne and her colleagues search for the best way to control a global virus.

The movie has everything you can pack on the subject in 106 minutes, including curfew, criticism of globalization, massive speed, and of course a crazy conspiracy theorist with a breezy blog (played by Jude Law). Overall, the Steven Soderbergh movie has a top-notch cast – in addition to Laurence Fishburne and Jude Law, there are also: Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bryan Cranston, and even Armin Rohde.

Now, almost 10 years later, “Contagion” would likely be filmed as a series. Actually, it’s not a bad idea.

→ Trailer of “Contagion” on YouTube

# 2 28 days later / 28 days later

Danny Boyle’s 2002 end-of-time thriller is also about a highly contagious virus that spreads at lightning speed. Much more violent than Corona, the virus of “anger” is not pneumonia, which is fatal under certain conditions, but an always fatal virus that transforms its infected into raging beasts. Contact blocking not available. In the main plot, the protagonist Jim sleeps the chain of infection in a coma and wakes up those 28 days later, in a completely orphaned London. The movie starts!

When it comes to the cast, we’re particularly looking at Cilian Murphy as Jim, Naomie Harris (Selena), Megan Bruns (Hannah), and Brendan Gleeson (Frank).

→ Preview of “28 days later” on YouTube

Is not sufficient? With “28 weeks later” (2007) there is even a sequel. Boyle, who had moved from the director’s chair to the producer’s chair, wanted to shoot the third part of the trilogy (“28 months later”). Since 2015 (“The script is far from finished”) there has not been a remake here.

# 3 Outbreak – silent killers

In the 1990s: And again a virus greets you. German star director Wolfgang Petersen (among others responsible for “Das Boot,” “Air Force One” and “Troja”) takes on the incompatible human and military interests in 1995’s “Outbreak.”

As medical teams desperately try to successfully treat a dangerous virus and find an antidote, the military tries to prevent it. In this cat and mouse game, we don’t have to complain about the cast: Petersen stars Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo and Kevin Spacey, among others, as I said: the movie was released in 1995. So the gentlemen are a little younger than they are now.

→ Trailer of “Outbreak” on YouTube

# 4 The day after tomorrow

Yes, there are no viruses here, just a few natural disasters, and by the way, a complete shutdown of almost the entire Northern Hemisphere. In “The Day After Tomorrow,” public life literally freezes. The circumstances of the film thematize the theory of climate change, according to which global warming is causing the Gulf Stream to dry up and a new ice age threatens. This even happens on very short notice and leads to riots, a complete shutdown, and unexpected solidarity. Released in 2004, Dennis Quaid, a young Jake Gyllenhall, and Emmy Rossum play the lead roles here.

→ Trailer of “The day after tomorrow” on YouTube

# 5 Independence Day

Roland Emmerich is not far away where there is catastrophe and global chaos. In “Independence Day” (1996), the science fiction director lets aliens loose on earth. With obvious ill intentions, their spaceships disrupt public life in all parts of the world and paralyze the world. Fortunately, Will Smith is a skilled fighter pilot who will lead everything to a good ending. Of course, not without pathos, the 4th of July. Perfect popcorn cinema, here for your home:

→ Trailer of “Independence Day” on YouTube

There is also a sequel to “Independence Day.” In 2016’s “Independence Day: Die Wiederkehr,” Roland Emmerich directs, but this time Will Smith is missing as is the “emotional power of the predecessor,” as critics at Rotten Tomatoes put it. Still want to take a look? You can stream Independence Day 2 here:

Is at least one movie definitely missing from the list? Write it down in the comments and share the tip with other readers.

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