5 razones por las que nos lastimamos con facilidad

5 reasons why we get hurt easily

5 reasons why we get hurt easily

Are bruises dangerous?

First of all: bruises aren’t bad, and they’re not actually necessarily dangerous. They are caused by bruises and bumps in which the The blood vessels around the skin can become damaged and bleed into the blood vessels below.. By the way, hickey marks are bruises too, and can be quite uncomfortable at times. Bruises can be dangerous if they are in places like the stomach, chest, and head. It can indicate serious internal injuries or, in rare cases, like here with the 17-year-old Mexican with the hickey, trigger blood clots. But if you’ve just hit normally, bruises are harmless.

Why do we bruise so fast?

Why are some people more prone to bruising than others? Refinery29 the Doctor in Hematology and Oncology of the “Wisconsin Medical CollegeRoy silverstein I ask. This could Give 5 good reasonsIt could be:

  • Years: Yes, sadly sad but true. Aging is to blame for bruising faster than with with age, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic.

  • sunbathe: If we lie too much in the sun, we tighten the skin and also stimulate it ages faster. As already mentioned, this makes it slimmer and the glasses underneath are not as well protected anymore. In other words: they explode faster and we get hurt more easily.

  • nutrition: If we do not eat a balanced diet, our skin also suffers. It is not necessarily new now, because we find that our complexion deteriorates if we only eat fast food and sweets. Vitamins are simply important for our body and skin.

  • Medicine: Medications can also thin our skin, making it easier for us to form bruises. Especially Cortisone medications.

  • disease: Diseases that Interrupt blood clotting, it can also bruise us quickly. Fortunately, a blood clotting disorder is not that common.