6 razones por las que debería cambiarse a la copa menstrual

6 reasons why you should switch to a menstrual cup

1. Advantage of menstrual cup: no more unpleasant smell

Unlike sanitary napkins, menstrual cups trap blood in your body. Then it doesn’t get to any unpleasant smell and you feel cooler underneath than with a wet bandage. Can a tampon do that too? Yes, but tampons suck your vagina everything in, that is, not only blood, but also Vaginal secretions. This generally keeps your vagina free of harmful germs and fungi it remains. Especially for girls and women who attend dry vagina Suffer and fight yeast infections over and over again, a menstrual cup is a definite plus here. But of course also for healthy girls, because who wants pathogens to move underneath?

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Second advantage: you will never have to urinate on the recovery tape again

If you’ve used tampons until now, you know the horror of going to the bathroom: it blue return straps never stays dry, even if we use the tampon some hours don’t change, it gets really gross. Apart from that, in each Visit to the pool You must fear that the tampon tape is also visible to all other bathers … menstrual cup It will not happen – because it has no tape – the best reason for the menstrual cup in summer!

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3. Advantage of the menstrual cup: clean and pure

Tampons can in some cases Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) cause a wound infection that also Multi-organic failure Guides. Because a lot of bacteria accumulate on tampons and sanitary napkins, even in the few hours until we change them. too Yeast infections spread much more easily. Therefore, the correct application is essential. This is less of a problem with the menstrual cup because it comes with boiling water clean and all bacteria and fungi die. Of course, here it is also important that you wash your hands before inserting, because bacteria can also enter the body when you insert the cup.