Peinados de los 80: 8 peinados de bricolaje

80s hairstyles: 8 DIY hairstyles

80s hairstyles: 8 DIY hairstyles

So retro!

The eighties were colorful, eye-catching, and definitely a highlight in terms of hairstyles. It’s no wonder that some styles are still absolutely in fashion today (think crepe hairstyles and headbands)! But what you can definitely agree on about all 80s exotic hairstyles is that they are great for a retro party. So if you are invited to one of these, or throw it yourself, check out the following 80s hairstyles for inspiration.

We just dropped a few terms: Madonna, “Dirty Dancing,” Babe, aerobics, David Bowie, punk, popper, Tina Turner, modern talk, glam metal. And, can you already get an idea of ​​what was in people’s heads in the eighties? Let’s just say: You didn’t just go crazy in terms of makeup and fashion.

Volume, drama, and loads of hairspray – that’s what sets 80s hairstyles apart.

80s hairstyles: those were the hottest looks

Doing 80s hairstyles yourself is not difficult at all. Unless it is a radical haircut, but in such cases you better take a wig anyway. Unless you want to wear the style in everyday life, which can sometimes look good.

1. Crepe hairstyles

In the eighties, what held the hair was frizzy. The best: The style is still popular today and is very easy to do yourself:

  • Heat up your crepe iron.
  • Divide your dry hair into strands that are about 3 cm thick.
  • Now carefully crepe each strand from root to tip, piece by piece.
  • Finally, spray lots of hairspray volume on your hair so that everything stays on and extra puffy.

2. Permanent: sometimes frizzy, sometimes XL waves

In the 80s, nothing could be done without a perm! She is the best example of an 80s hairstyle. In rows, the women had their hair in mini curly waves or big, dramatic curls. If your goal is this 80s hairstyle, it is best to go to a hairdresser, because he knows exactly how the procedure is as smooth as possible. If not, you will also find tips on how to get yourself a perm.

Crepe, Wavy, Teased – 80s hairstyles are packed vigorously.

3. Vokuhila

Today a furry horror, back then the hottest trend – the infamous mullet hairstyle. Both men and women had the “short front, long back” cut and thought: Yeah, great, finally a short spiky pony and long locks combined into one hairstyle! Today, well, the mullet is at least suitable for the theme party like no other. We recommend a wig for the stylish footballer look back then.

4. Teased, frizzy and hairy

Generally, the following applies to 80s hairstyles – the more it looks like you just plugged in the plug, the better. You can achieve a true explosion of volume by stroking your hair, especially at the roots, so that the hair sticks out all over your head. Shake your head properly and fix your work with hairspray.

You could pass for a missing member of Guns N ‘Roses, circa 1987.

5. Side ponytail

It gets really feminine with an asymmetrical ponytail that sits diagonally across the top of the head. It just isn’t accurate for parting! It is best to bend over to comb your hair, grab your hair, and tie it where you want. This is how you achieve a great palm tree look!

6. Sidecut / Undercut

The side cut or undercut came from the punk direction as a trend hairstyle. So if you are brave and have always wanted to try the hairstyle: Now is the right time! The rest of the hair on the head should, of course, be one thing above all else: bushy. Pssst: If you don’t dare to shave, you can also apply your hair to the side of your head so hard that it appears short.

7. Wave of Foehn

Farrah Fawcett not only shaped hair trends in the 70s with her iconic blow-dry hairstyle, her influence also extended into the 80s. After all, you can have a good amount of dry volume in your hair!

8. Colorful scarves, XL hair bands and headbands as hair accessories

You can complete your 80s hairstyle with a colorful knotted scarf, a sparkly headband, or a fluffy XL headband. The more eye-catching the accessory, the better.

Now we have revealed which hairstyles were popular in the 80s. In our photo gallery you will find the hottest hairstyles of every decade since the 1920s. My favorite is the 40’s and yours?

We hope we were able to help you with our tips for creating the 80s hairstyle for a party! If you like retro hairstyles, we recommend our collection of 90s hairstyles. Hach, what time were those … Tell us in the comments which of these 80s styles is your favorite.

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