Peinados de los 90: 17 tendencias de estilo de "entonces"

90s Hairstyles: 17 “Then” Style Trends

90s hairstyles: 17 style trends from "so"

Feminine power!

Definitely, the 90s have returned for a few years: not only in regards to fashion, the hairstyles of 20 years ago are being seen more and more in people’s heads. Maybe not in that extreme form, but still recognizable based on that crazy decade. If you want to imitate the looks or plan to go to a 90s party (by the way, here you will find ideas for your ideal 90s outfit), surely you will find inspiration among the 17 most important hairstyles and styles of the 90s.

The Spice Girls shaped a decade and were responsible for many ’90s hairstyle trends.

17 great hairstyles from the 90s

# 1 bob

Today the long bob is more fashionable, 20 years ago the ideal bob was only allowed to go down to the chin. It looked a bit dated, but not when you decorated it with cute zippers!

Yes, Tori Spelling actually wore this hairstyle once.

# 2 pixie cut

A pixie cut is quite timeless. It has been popping up over and over again since the 1960s and is primarily aimed at women with delicate features and a narrow face. In the 90s, the pixie became a trend again with Winona Ryder.

# 3 snail bun

You can’t talk about 90s hairstyles without mentioning Gwen Stefani. As the lead singer of the band No Doubt, he had a significant impact on the style in this decade. The two twisted snails on the head, also known as the double bun, are being seen more and more today.

# 4 waves

After creped hair slowly lost its importance in the 90s (thankfully), small waves became a trend. These were created with the help of a curling iron or papilottes or they were created after running with snails on your head for hours.

# 5 braid with two strands

A strict braid in the back – only two strands hang down in the front. What is the point? None! But it was one of the hairstyles from the 90s. If you are looking for suitable outfits or styles for the next theme party, it is always recommended to see the movie “Clueless”!

“The two strands of hair always frame my facial expression so beautifully!”

# 6 zigzag farewell

Yes, the 90s were crazy. So you often skipped a normal goodbye and just gave her a totally crazy zigzag look. Maria Carey swore it too!

# 7 braids

Cornrows, that is, braids tightly braided around the head, were a must in the 90s and today. Ideally, the braids ended at the top of the head and were held there with clips. But you can also let it hang freely, like (again) Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani tried many hairstyles in the 90s.

# 8 Rachel’s Cut

There is no need to explain this haircut to fans of the “Friends” series, nor to all the women who wanted to be in style in 1995. Jennifer Aniston’s wonderfully layered hairstyle in the role of Rachel Green even has her own name. and is legendary to this day. However, Jennifer Aniston admitted a few years ago that she found the family hairstyle terrible.

# 9 The hairstyle without cut

A holdover from Kurt Cobain and the grunge era of the early 90s was the no-hairdo hairstyle. Just long hair that you could throw back over your forehead at once was the hit. No pony, no steps, no farewell, nothing.

I ‘m getting dizzy …

# 10 The 50s memory hairstyle

Most of the trends keep coming back. In the 90s, short curly hair was back in fashion at times and, in contrast to the feminine look, gave young women a more adult touch.

# 11 spiky hair

We already had that with the snails in our heads. The look became even more unusual when she placed multiple hair snails on her head and the ends jutted out in all directions.

# 12 Many accessories

We’ve already mentioned it: hair clips and hair clips were a must-have for any 90s girl. Butterflies and flowers were particularly popular. Those who only wore a simple braid drew back in the legendary fat hair bands made of velvet. Anyway, Drew Barrymore knew how to show off.

# 13 Bleached side highlights

A braid was good to separate a strand on the left and right of the face. It was even more noticeable when these two (thicker than fine locks though) were bleached in contrast to the rest of the hair and were able to give the face the perfect frame.

Ginger Spice knows what’s hot.


14 parting center

Anyone with a round face or a large forehead should do without a central part; in the 90s, such hairstyle rules were irrelevant. Long hair or mane, if the zigzag parting was too weird for you, you parted your hair straight down the middle.

# 15 Headbands and headbands

Popular hair accessories were also headbands and hair ties, with which you could simply remove the hairstyle from the face without cutting. Then at least the headband was pushed forward a bit to create some volume over the forehead.

Wide headbands? Yes, velvet, please!

# 16 mega teased hair

From the early 90s to the mid-decade, some traces of the 80s were left in the hair. Voluminous and highly provocative waves were all the rage, especially for serious feminine looks among business women.

# 17 The Baby Spice look

Yes, every Spice Girl had a role to play in terms of style and demeanor. Emma Bunton was the sweet blonde with the braids on the side, which of course you could turn into snails if you got bored!

The baby spice look was a modern 90s hairstyle.

I guess one of these good examples of 90s hairstyles was the one for you! If this decade is too much fun for you, you can try our hairstyles from the 70s or dedicate yourself to the styles of the roaring twenties. So there is guaranteed to be something for everyone (and for every theme party)!

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