¡Una bala de plata peluda!  ¡La primera CC Cream para el cabello!

A hairy silver bullet! The first CC Cream for hair!

A hairy silver bullet!  The first CC Cream for hair!

wantedon 08/26/2013 | 18:52

DD creams, BB creams etc, slowly, as a woman, you can’t keep up anymore when you’re in front of the pharmacy shelves these days. However, this area is far from exhausted and therefore, after hair BB Creams, you can now provide your hair with valuable ingredients in one application with Alterna’s first CC Cream. We tell you what is behind it and why it is worth investing in CC Creams.

The beauty hype about literate care products has yet to abate. From Blemish Balm to Color Correction to Disguise & Diminish facial skin products, now there is Alterna’s first CC Cream for hair!

Complete correction

Unlike facial care, “CC” stands for Complete Correction and offers you ten times more benefits in one step. Your hair immediately receives more moisture, shine, flexibility, silkiness, manageability, elasticity, protection against hair breakage, protection against heat, UV protection and a light hold. Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream innovation isn’t just about leave-in care and a lightweight styling product; After all, the hair skincare trend is coming from nowhere.

The secret

Those who have paid close attention in biology class know that, unlike our skin, our hair does not renew itself. They are biologically dead matter and, like our nails, they are made of horn and this must also be cared for and cared for so that it remains healthy and shiny. External influences are every day a new challenge for the skin and hair, so it is essential to take care of both properly and what could be more natural than giving both the same treatments. Behind this is the fact that the scalp is the source of beautiful hair. However, since this, unlike facial skin, is always neglected, it is advisable to pamper it with “Hair Skincare” as you do with your face every day.

Invest in a CC Caviar Cream and take care of your skin with a valuable caviar extract and rich omega-3 fatty acids, nourishing amino acids, vitamin C and marine plants to not only balance your scalp, but also your hair in the long term. strengthen and repair damaged hair. Just complete the correction!

Discover the Alterna CC Cream and the care tips in our photo show!