"Una elección moral" es muy difícil en el tráiler del drama de personajes iraníes

"A moral choice" it is very difficult in iranian character drama trailer

"A moral choice" it is very difficult in iranian character drama trailer

Should a respected doctor blame himself by investigating his possible guilt in the death of a child? In the drama “A Moral Decision”, which is worth watching, questions are asked for which there are no simple answers …

More recent Iranian cinema, especially known to directors Jafar Panahi (“Taxi Tehran”) and Asghar Farhadi (“Nader and Simin”), can be broadly characterized by the fact that the characters spend a lot of time in cars and they show in the best sense of the human being. : They drive because at least here they have peace and quiet from the religiously based regime and make decisions that are sometimes respectable and other times reprehensible, but rarely easy.

In Vahid Jalilvand’s “A Moral Decision,” the car of coroner Kaveh Narmina (Amir Aghaee) collides with the scooter of the Moosa family of four (Navid Mohammadzadeh). Kaveh generously compensates Moosa and the only one injured, eight-year-old Amir, has only minor injuries. But the next morning the boy is dead, although Kaveh’s colleague Dr. Sayeh Behabahani (Hediyeh Tehrani) found food poisoning as the cause of death during the autopsy, but Kaveh believes that he is responsible. Should I investigate the matter further?

“A Moral Decision” begins on June 20, 2019 in German cinemas.

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