Después de los teléfonos inteligentes: Google TV comienza directamente con Android 11, inicialmente como Android TV

A new home screen for Android TV that promises faster viewing pleasure

After smartphones: Google TV starts directly with Android 11, initially as Android TV

With an update for Android TV, Google promises not only better recommendations, but also faster sign-in to entirely new streaming services.

A new Chromecast with Android TV will appear soon, until then Google will rebuild the TV’s operating system a bit. Among other things, this now includes a new home screen that Google has at least partially copied from Amazon’s Fire TV platform. On the home screen, Google offers a new area at the top that should show us progress and recommendations.

Here, Google relies on its own compilation of the content, but also on sponsorship from media partners. The latter will initially start in the US If the Google account is linked to Android TV, personalized recommendations will also be found in the new area. A small note reveals how the recommended content ended up there, be it a sponsorship or a recommendation from Google employees.

Subscribing to new services becomes easier

It also depends on your Google account the new feature that we can start a trial subscription on new apps with just a few clicks. This means you don’t have to enter your email and password the first time, which can be quite annoying on television. Google says that this innovation is initially only being tested with a few apps, developers and app providers certainly need to be actively involved.