Un final no realmente sorprendente en DSDS 2009

A not really surprising ending at DSDS 2009

An unsurprising ending in DS …

wantedthe 05/12/2009 | 13:12

Sarah Kreuz – beautiful second winner in DSDS 2009.

Dear wanted girls,

And the winner is… Daniel! What a surprise”!! It’s not that I’m not happy for him, I’m really pleasing him. But he would have allowed Sarah too. And when I look at all the voting results, I see that Daniel had more votes than Sarah in the early slogan shows. But on the last few shows, Sarah got more calls than Daniel. This is exactly how I envisioned it, because Daniel was very strong from the beginning. Sarah, on the other hand, has improved from show to show.

And also in the final she was better than Daniel… I think Daniel was very nervous because he ruined a lot more notes. He seemed very insecure. The jury just talked about the bad things. That became very clear after Daniel’s first appearance, when they were just looking back, that he was always so good. But they didn’t say anything about the song he had just sung. You could tell that Volker wanted to hide the truth, because it was already clear that Daniel should win.

And then you can’t admit that the new superstar ruined so many notes. The winning title was also clearly aligned with Daniel’s voice. And then let the finalists sing the song three more times in a row !!! That’s the best marketing the new single can have. The new single has brainwashed millions of DSDS viewers. If that doesn’t turn out to be a success … haha

When I think about all these things again, I really doubt that the voting results have been rigged for Daniel to win. Because Sarah had many more votes than Daniel in the previous four thematic shows. Now, does it turn out that there is a difference of 0.5 percent? I think Sarah had more votes than Daniel, but Daniel should win. To manipulate it as fairly as possible, they say that there was actually only a half percent difference, so it sounds more believable to the public and Sarah may lose head on high.

Oh yeah, maybe it’s all a pipe dream, but from my experiences last year I also learned that you can really expect all the bad from DSDS and the jury. But it really doesn’t matter. Sarah and Daniel now have contracts with Sony and both have the same management. I think Sarah is more likely to get it!

Finally, I would like to thank Erdberlounge and my readers. It was fun blogging.

But next time I hope to write about something more sensible than DSDS… 😉

All good for you!

Love peace,

Rania Zeriri