¡Se ha filtrado un dueto de Selena y Justin!

A Selena and Justin duet has been leaked!

A Selena and Justin duet has been leaked!

The gossip site “Hollywoodlife.com”, which always has a source for everything, also has an insider who knows more about the common song.

the well-informed person reveals: “[Selena und Justin] they didn’t record that together; They sang the songs separately, but both were very involved in creating and writing. They weren’t top copywriters, but they are named as copywriters among other things. That was planned for months and they were working on it with their own albums at the same time. They are still very tight and [Justin] He felt that if they worked together it would be very therapeutic. Your past could lead to some great business decisions down the road because you both know what makes the other tick. “

To translate some lines of the song: At one point, Justin sings: “You are the only one I really miss. No one else would be more forgiving for all the love you give me. “ To which Selena responds: “I wish I had been better at this damn thing because it’s been too long and I can’t change it.” So it could really be about the two of them ex-relationships!

Many now believe that the song will herald a love return for the two of them. We prefer to believe that the two of you get along as friends and we want to prove it with this song together.

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