Google Photos proporciona información más detallada sobre cómo eliminar fotos de la papelera.

A year full of smiling faces: create an automatic annual review with Google Photos

Google Photos provides more detailed information on how to delete photos from Trash.

Google Photos automatically compiles a video of your most beautiful photos of the year that include smiling people. A perfect end of the year.

For some users, Google Photos may have reported in recent weeks with a notification that the Google service wants to automatically create a photo book with the highlights of 2019 for you. The app or the web version of Google Photos can easily create a short video that summarizes the most beautiful photos with your smile. “A year full of smiling faces” is the name of this option in Google Photos. Automatically create a short film from your photos stored in Google Photos.

Create a short film with smiling people

To create such a movie, simply go to the plus sign in the top action bar in the Android application or in the web version. Then choose your movie, now “A year full of smiling faces.” Confirm the following dialog. Now the video will be created automatically in the background. When Google Photos has finished creating, a notification will appear on your devices. Actually, the video can be found in the “For you” area after a few minutes, it can be played there and saved permanently to Google Photos.

Google keeps adding new options in this area. Most of the time, the automatic creation of videos and collages works quite well. This also applies to automatically printable photo albums that you may have later sent home.