Copia pirata absurda: ¿Qué diablos hizo? "alarma para Cobra 11" en la portada de "Manejar" buscar con Ryan Gosling?

Absurd Pirate Copy: What the Hell Did He Do? "alarm for Cobra 11" on the cover of "Drive" search with Ryan Gosling?

The Chinese pirates have improvised a particularly absurd cover image for the pirated DVD of the cult film “Drive”, including the investigators of “Cobra 11”. But in the end they just fool you like the US theater distributors.

Universum Film GmbH

It’s an open secret in Hollywood: Many of the backers of Nicholas Winding Refn’s “Drive” were expecting a lot more action in order to have a huge box office success with superstar Ryan Gosling in the title role. However, when the film turned out to be an ambitious and atmospheric art project for fans of the auteur genre, that didn’t necessarily stop distributors from sticking to their original plan, so the marketing was misled a lot and the advancement with scenes comparatively rare action. packed with movie. One viewer in the United States even complained that she felt betrayed by the promotion of the film.

Now, the Chinese pirate mafia apparently had a very similar problem, but while American marketing departments at least have to limit themselves to material that actually comes from the film, the Far Eastern pirates have absolutely no mercy when it comes to some DVD more. The man brings. The result is this completely absurd cover:

Along with a photo of Ryan Gosling, which clearly wasn’t so Driver shows (in the film he has no beard), here you can see a submachine gun and a sniper rifle, which also play no role in the film. The same occurs with the Caribbean setting, including an attack helicopter, inserted in the upper third of the image, which is more reminiscent of “Far Cry 3” than “Drive”, set entirely in Los Angeles.

But the pirate designers shot the bird with the two images below: “Drive” is somehow about cars and Chinese street vendors need as much action as they can to get rid of DVDs, and this dilemma is apparently only there. a suitable answer: the long-lasting RTL “Alarm für Cobra 11”. Not only did two gloomy-looking motorway policemen slide down the left, but the explosion on the right also clearly stems from the crime series that has been on German television for nearly 20 years.

The reason the Cannes Film Festival logo (where “Drive” received the best director award) was not omitted from this cover, which was obviously designed for fans of mindless action, makes the whole thing seem even more absurd.