Acelerar el crecimiento del cabello: consejos para una melena larga

Accelerate hair growth: tips for long hair

Accelerate hair growth: tips for a long mane

Does hair really grow faster after being cut?

You probably already know the myth: regular cutting of the tip should make our hair grow faster. But is that really true? Experts quickly agree to answer this question: Regular trimming of the ends does not make our hair grow faster. BUT: If we visit our hairdresser regularly to cut the ends (preferably every eight to ten weeks), we can ask about a healthy and shiny mane looking forward. This eliminates split ends and your hair doesn’t break as fast. In other words, with a little patience, you will soon be able to have a dreamy mane.

Can you speed up hair growth by brushing?

Regular brushing should make hair grow faster, correct? We got to the bottom of the myth and discovered amazing things. By brushing our hair regularly, the natural oils from our scalp can be well distributed to the lengths and ends of our hair. In this way, the dry areas of our hair strands receive enough moisture and your long hair looks healthy. Just make sure to use a brush with natural materials. Brushing also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, more nutrients reach the follicle and that could lead to faster hair growth.

Don’t: You should avoid this if you want your hair to grow out

Heat, daily washing and hair ties: these are things that only damage the structure of the hair and promote the formation of split ends. Our advice for you is therefore very simple. If you want long and healthy hair, you should follow these little tips:

  1. Let your hair air dry more often and use a hair dryer less to avoid unnecessary heat that can damage your hair.
  2. Styling with straighteners, curlers and the like should only be done with heat spray. But even doing without this styling tool is good for your hair!
  3. Do you wash your hair every day? It’s best if you only wash your hair every other day, your scalp will thank you!
  4. If you have discovered split ends at the ends, you should have them cut quickly at the salon before the split ends spread further and only make your hair look unhealthy.
  5. Hair bands with metal clips are taboo; Use hair ties or hair clips instead!
  6. Don’t dye your hair regularly, and if so, only at the salon. Color experiments at home can also damage your hair and cause split ends, which in turn prevents hair growth.

Is there a remedy that can make hair grow faster?

Of course, there are superfoods that can stimulate hair growth. You don’t necessarily need a food supplement for it, but conventional foods that we can find in all supermarkets. Maybe you already have them in the kitchen?

Basically, foods that contain a lot of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, silicon, copper, and vitamin E should make hair grow faster. Wondering what food contains such miracle cures? We will briefly list a few for you:

  • Spinach
  • Berry
  • fish
  • Avocados
  • walnuts
  • peppers
  • Sweet potatoes

But in addition to food, there is also a shampoo that strengthens the roots of our hair and promotes hair growth. By the way, if you suffer from hair loss or find a lot of hair left on the brush after styling, you should use this shampoo anyway. We are talking about a caffeinated shampoo! But why the caffeine of all things?

That’s why caffeinated shampoo makes our hair grow faster

If you drink coffee you probably know it yourself, the caffeine will wake you up faster and you will feel fitter. This is roughly how you can imagine it with caffeinated shampoo. Caffeine strengthens the roots of our hair, stimulates growth and prolongs the hair growth phase.

Castor oil makes hair grow back better

Castor oil makes our hair and eyelashes grow much better. That is why many shampoos also contain this valuable oil. Should as a growth stimulant work on each strand of hair. Why? Because it hydrates and keeps hair healthy and flexible. Another advantage is that the hair grows back more thickly and does not shed. Castor oil penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and strengthens the individual hair roots on the scalp. Particularly good: It is totally tolerable and there are no allergic reactions. Because castor oil is free of chemical additives and alcohol, so it can be used without hesitation.

You can buy more castor oil in your pharmacy or pharmacy for only 7 euros!

Do dietary supplements help hair grow faster?

Yes and no, not even dietary supplements can influence the speed of hair growth. In fact, this is hereditary. However, dietary supplements can ensure that your hair grows back strong and healthy and therefore, with a little patience, it can grow longer. For one thing, you can rely on biotin. Biotin ensures that the scales of the hair stick together, making it stronger and shinier. You can get it from your diet, for example in bananas, strawberries, spinach and oats, or you can use dietary supplements. Vitamins B3, B5 and B6 They also ensure a strong hair structure and stimulate the production of sebum. They support the metabolic activities of the hair roots and ensure a healthy scalp. These vitamins are mainly found in Nuts and legumes. But you can also consume vitamin B through special preparations. Other nutritional supplements that promote hair growth consist of iron or. zinc.