Accidente: ¿está en peligro el bebé de GZSZ-Maren?

Accident: is GZSZ-Maren’s baby in danger?

Accident: is GZSZ-Maren's baby in danger?


Since the great GZSZ special everything has changed: Maren found out that Leon is the father of her son and not Alex. The Späti salesman has now learned the bitter truth, his heart has been broken. But is Maren losing her baby in an accident?

The trip to Mallorca does not end well for Maren. First she has to find out that her baby is not really Alex’s, shortly after she is also involved in Erik’s hostage situation. (You can find all the information about the special HERE!) Back in Germany, he confesses to Alex that he was on the side. Alex is deeply hurt and immediately separates from Maren. He drowns his frustration in alcohol. For him it seems to be clear: there is no going back, the relationship ends forever. Because a few hours after the breakup, he announced to Maren that he would like to buy his shares in Späti.

All of this should be too much for pregnant Maren. But that is not all. As the RTL preview reveals, Maren will be the victim of an accident next week. It is not yet clear what will happen. But one thing is for sure: Leon will take care of Maren. And of course, fans are now wondering if Maren might lose her baby in the accident.

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+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

The answer is: no, Maren’s baby is not in danger. Leon takes Maren to the hospital, where doctors determine that the girl is fine. Maren and Leon are super relieved about that. But: Sophie follows the two, watches them. And you shouldn’t like this view at all. Is she finally breaking up with Leon too?

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If you want to know how the two are going and what consequences the Maren accident has, you can find out every Monday through Friday from 7:40 pm on RTL. What you think? Will there still be a happy ending between Maren and Alex or Sophie and Leon? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.