Según el estudio, a esta edad uno es un adulto

According to the study, at this age one is an adult

According to the study, at this age one is an adult

Are you an adult at the age of 18?

Because it is not the magic number 18 that marks the beginning of our adulthood. Perhaps that was the case before, in the days of our grandparents, who often started families at a young age. Today is when you grow up, according to the study Believe it or not for 24 (!) Years. Because our generation is precocious! So the age you grow up in has changed backwards.

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On average women get married these days five years later than in 1992 – that is, only at the age of 31. The first apartment or the first child will also take time to arrive. This is also due to the fact that nowadays more and more young people are doing their Abitur and therefore are dependent on their parents for a longer time.

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Puberty starts earlier and you grow up later

What did not count as adulthood in the study was that Start of puberty. Because young people’s bodies develop earlier these days. that fifty years ago. However, according to the study, physical development does not determine that inner maturity. Professor Sawyer and her team therefore suggest that adolescence begin 10-24 years raises how reported. That would mean we couldn’t celebrate our majority at 18, but only at 24.

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In some countries like the US, the age of majority is 21. But we found 24 a bit extreme! Who wants to reach her Mid twenties wait to vote for the first time, decide independently and drive a car? Furthermore, whether we are adults certainly does not depend on our marital status. We just take more time. It just shows that we think twice before making big decisions: and that’s pretty old, right?

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