Auf diese Musikrichtung stehst du laut deinem Sternzeichen

According to your zodiac sign you like this type of music


Classical and quiet music is full of yours. That exactly fits your desire for perfection and order. With classical music you feel balanced and happy.


You get up totally Country and folk and they are generally quite musical. Music is very important to you and that is why lyrics are especially important to you. You play instruments yourself and enjoy going to a musical in your spare time.


Aries likes fast and loud music! Preferably Heavy metal, rap or hip-hop. Or also house and techno. So you can get rid of your excess energy and really let the pig out. Not surprisingly, many Aries are lead singers or dancers.


You are an absolute Electro fan! Slow music is not necessarily yours. You have to be able to move and score correctly as soon as you hear your favorite hits.


Sagittarius standing jazz. This style of music makes you dream and gives you a feeling of freedom. You could walk around the city for hours with jazz in your ear and forget about everything around you.


You are a fan of Latin sounds and rock music. The main thing is to be fast, passionate and fiery! That really puts you in the mood and lifts your spirits.


You are an absolute Musical fan and you would like to be on stage and be the center of attention yourself. If a Leo can sing well, he often turns his passion into a profession.


Loud music is absolutely nothing for you! You wake up calm tones and deep songs. Virgos are closed and shy, with the right music they flourish and develop freely.


Cancers are super romantic. You get up totally love songs and associates most of your favorite songs with romantic memories, former friends, or people who are particularly important to you.


You wake up Pop graphics! You know the top 10 inside and out and can sing along every line. As soon as a pop hit hits the club, they’ll find you on the dance floor and you won’t be able to stop anymore.


Libras are also true romantics. You like to listen better Love songs – all day, up and down. Classical music is a balm for your soul.


I love fish Cozy skirt! You are not a fan of big words, instead you prefer to express yourself with music. What fits better than a romantic rock number!

After that, your zodiac sign is addictive!