Disgusto desagradable de Adam Brody

Adam Brody’s nasty dislike

Adam Brody's nasty dislike

In an interview, the 30-year-old actor was not exactly on the most charming side. When asked how he handled the press hype about himself, he responded with irritation: “It’s worse to be a star. However, I have no sympathy for people like Kristen Stewart, who complain so much about her work. I mean, quit your job, fuck off, you don’t have to be an actress. If that is such a big problem for you, there is the door ”.

Whoops! That came! Adam Brody will also pick up on that and will try to get out of it, but it is said to be said! The hype surrounding the Twilight clique is really extreme too, on the weekend Robert Pattinson is downright desperate for the paparazzi on his doorstep who just won’t leave. But that’s what celebrity status brings with it, along with all the good stuff!

Did Kristen Stewart expect to be that prominent? When I was supposed to audition for the Twilight saga, I didn’t know the Stephenie Meyer books. Found the first excerpts from the script “Flat and implausible”. However, when she read the Twilight novels, she fell in love with the story and was determined to land the role of Bella Swan – successfully! Ashley Greene was originally destined to be Bella Swan. It’s hard to imagine what the Twilight movies would have been like without Kristen Stewart, just because of all the beautiful speculation about her and Robert Pattinson.

How do you imagine Twilight without Kristen Stewart? Do you think Ashley Greene would have been better Bella? What do you think of Adam Brody’s statement?