Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

1. My iPhone! I can’t leave home without my cell phone because I want to be in contact with my friends and family. Plus all my music is there!

2. My computer, of course. With it I can let my creativity run and write my ideas. I also need him to keep in touch with my fans.

3. A folding camera. With it I can capture moments behind the scenes and share them with my fans!

4. A good book. When you travel a lot and spend a lot of time on the bus, it’s great to have a good book with you.

5. Nail polish! After all, I want my nails to look clean!

6. Daily. Here I can write all the lyrics that come to mind for the songs and I can take notes on all the great experiences I have.

7. A hat! If I don’t want to comb my hair, my hat is always a help.

8. Edding! I have a lot of them, so I can always sign autographs for my fans!

9. Liquid chlorophyll. Shades of green are very important for good health.

10. My jewelry. I can’t leave the house without my accessories.

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