Adam Levine hace la revisión del atuendo de los Oscar

Adam Levine does the Oscars outfit review

Adam Levine does the Oscars outfit review

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wantedon 02/17/2015 | 13:58

In fact, one should think that Adam Levine no longer knows the feeling of stage fright after years in show business. But we were obviously wrong! The 35-year-old will sing for the first time on the legendary stage at the Academy Awards on February 22 and is therefore very excited.

Adam Levine has stage fright

When it comes to public appearances, Adam Levine is a veteran. The leader of “Maroon 5” showed it a week and a half ago at the Grammy Awards, where he sang a duet with Gwen Stefani. Next Sunday, the 35-year-old will be able to demonstrate his musical talents again. Because at the “Academy Awards” at the famous Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Adam Levine and his band have the honor of performing the Oscar-nominated song “Lost Stars.” Before this concert, the otherwise great singer is already very excited.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Oscars and the way they do it. Among all the awards, she is the best man. It is far from what I usually do, “said Adam Levine enthusiastically about his upcoming appearance on the online portal” The Hollywood Reporter “. The leader of “Maroon 5” has obviously always dreamed of appearing at the Oscars; this year his dream will finally come true: “Acting at the ‘Oscars’ is better than being nominated for yourself.” However, Adam Levine has to accept not just being allowed to act. “Lost Stars” could be awarded in the category “Best Original Song.”

Adam Levine is already thinking about what to wear to the Oscars

Adam Levine does the costume review

To increase his anticipation for the big event, Adam Levine has already thought about the outfit he will wear on the big stage. On Instagram, the handsome singer posted a photo of himself in an extremely questionable wardrobe and wrote: “Ready for the Oscars … or is this too exaggerated?” It looks like Adam Levine is digging through the moth box a bit and pulling out the sweatpants, fur jacket, sunglasses, headband, and color chain that he presented to us in the snapshot with complete confidence. Even if this Oscars outfit is very likely to have ironic meaning, most fans would be happy if Adam Levine acted topless. But with all the freshness, the 35-year-old will probably stick to the classic dress code for this special night.It’s kind of sweet that Adam Levine is so excited about his appearance at the Oscars, despite his years of experience and various concerts. While the musician had always followed the latest “Academy Awards” from home, this year you can experience them up close. We look forward to your performance!

Image Sources: Getty Images / Larry Busacca; Instagram / adamlevine