Adele: dulce propuesta de matrimonio en tu concierto

Adele: sweet marriage proposal at your concert

Adele: sweet marriage proposal at your concert

VIP messenger of love

Superstar Adele is currently on a world tour and was on stage in Belfast on Monday. But suddenly it was no longer about her performance, but rather a charming declaration of love. But the superstar still played a decisive role.

The first concert of Adele’s tour was held on February 29, of all places, an important date in Ireland – an island state tradition says that women can also propose on leap days. Adele quickly asked her fans in Belfast if anyone would like to use her help as a messenger of love. When a young woman answered, the interpreter of “Hello” immediately called her to the stage of the SSE Arena.

As it turned out, Adele’s fan had come from Essex in England to see the singer live – Lucky, because the hitmaker immediately played Cupid. The young woman had already asked her lover the big question before the concert, but the latter was apparently still undecided and replied: “Maybe soon.” Adele didn’t accept this evasive answer: “You really have to say yes,” she demanded and encouraged the crowd to shout out loud “Come on Neil.

Adele as the goddess of love

After this action, no one could stop Neil and he nodded. Adele was apparently so excited about the development that she jumped before taking the young woman in her arms. With a wink, he threatened Neil: “I have cameras everywhere. I am making a DVD. I’ll put you on the cover if you don’t. ” So her first stop on the tour was a complete success, even if the Grammy winner may have taken a back seat for a moment. In addition to her music, Adele also delighted her fans with her great looks: According to “Entertainment Tonight,” she wore a black tunic with hand-embroidered sequins, which Burberry Creative Director and CEO Christopher Bailey had personally designed.

We find Adele’s commitment as a love messenger adorable and wish the new couple all the best!

Image Source: Getty Images / Luca Teuchmann